12 Best Subtitle Editor Software of 2024

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A subtitle is a text version of the spoken dialogue in a video or film and a subtitle ensures that video content is accessible to everyone. Subtitle editor software allows users to create subtitles for video content, by uploading premade subtitle files, using AI to generate subtitles , and manually entering subtitles. Subtitle editor software allows users to adjust the font, color, size, placement and timing of existing subtitles.

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The 12 best subtitle editor software of 2024 are listed below.

  1. Movavi Video Editor: Desktop video editing software with built-in subtitling tool.
  2. Jubler: Free subtitle editor for creating new subtitles or editing existing ones, with an optimisation algorithm.
  3. Subtitle Workshop: Free subtitle editor with a customisable interface, 40 supported languages and the option to download premade subtitles.
  4. POP Subtitle Editor: Free basic subtitle editor for Windows with a real-time preview.
  5. VideoProc: Full video editing software with subtitle editor built in, compatible with Windows and Mac.
  6. Aegisub: Free subtitle editor software with a styles manager, spell checker and real-time preview.
  7. Kapwing: Free online video editor with a subtitle tool included.
  8. Typito: Web-based subtitle editor which supports accurate translations in over 100 languages.
  9. Subly: Free automatic subtitle software with options for AI subtitles, uploading premade subtitle files, manually entering subtitle text and hiring professional transcribers.
  10. Nova A.I.: An AI-driven tool for automatic subtitle generation that supports transcription and translation in 75 languages.
  11. Adobe Premiere Pro: Professional-level video editing software which allows users to edit videos and create subtitles in one app.
  12. Subtitle Edit: A free and open-source editor known for its audio visualizers, displaying waveforms and spectrograms for easier operation.

1. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi video editor is a desktop video editing software, designed to create movies, slideshows and trailers. The ‘Title & Text’ feature is incredibly user-friendly to quickly add, and edit the appearance of, subtitles in any of the 21 languages Movavi supports. Movavi users are able to customize the font, color, size, placement and timing of the subtitles, before they are ‘burned’ onto the video.

Movavi's basic features are appealing to beginners, but users report that always having to make the subtitles in-app since it doesn’t support uploading premade subtitle files is a drawback. Movavi restricts many features in its 7-day free trial, requiring users to purchase either the 1-year subscription for $54.95 or the lifetime license for $74.95 to access them fully.

2. Jubler

Jubler is a free subtitle editor software, for creating new subtitles or editing existing ones. Jubler offers several advanced features, like the optimisation algorithm which automatically improves the synchronization of the subtitles to the audio, and batch processing to render multiple subtitles at once. Jubler has automatic spell checking, five supported languages and translation tools unlike other subtitle editor softwares.

The Jubler application is compatible with any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) which has Java Runtime Environment installed. Jubler users report being off put by having to download MPlayer to view the video with completed subtitles.

Subtitle Workshop interface showcasing its subtitle editing features, the go-to choice for video captioning in 2024.
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3. Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle Workshop is a free subtitle editor which allows users to create, edit and convert subtitles to suit a variety of media formats. The biggest advantage of Subtitle Workshop is the customisable interface lets users adjust position of certain buttons, making creating subtitles quick and easy.

Subtitle Workshop is the perfect choice for extensive subtitling projects, with a powerful search function, 40 supported languages and the option to download premade subtitles from the Open Subtitles Database. Subtitle Workshop is less suited to beginner and one-time editors as the variety of tools is easily overwhelming.

4. POP Subtitle Editor

Pop Subtitle Editor is a free basic subtitle editor software for Windows. POP Subtitle Editor is useful for users in a hurry because it allows them to edit the subtitles while previewing the video, rather than having to go back and forth between the video and a separate text editor.

POP Subtitle Editor allows users to edit the size, font, and color of subtitles, making it ideal for creating multi-line subtitles that need upward adjustment. Users report that POP Subtitle Editor lacks flexibility because the start-stop times of subtitles are unable to be changed.

5. VideoProc

VideoProc is a full video editing software for Mac and Windows, with a powerful subtitle editor included. VideoProc allows users to edit the appearance and position of subtitles, and export them from a video. The built-in search engine which allows users to find and download subtitles from other media sets VideoProc apart.

The price of a VideoProc license is $78.90 after the free trial, with support for 8 different languages, but the program only allows users to upload subtitle files in 3 formats (.ass, .ssa, .srt).

6. Aegisub

Aegisub is a free subtitle editor software for Mac and Windows, designed for fixing subtitle formatting errors. Aegisub synchronizes the subtitles to the audio, and has a real-time preview which allows the user to check each line of text.

The feature of Aegisub which makes it stand out is the waveform preview of the audio it shows, to allow users to perfect the timing of the subtitles. Aegisub supports 17 languages, including one minority language (Catalan) and several slavic languages (Czech, Serbian, Bulgarian) often excluded from subtitle editor softwares. Aegisub is less suited to beginner and one-time editors because of the variety, and complexity of tools.

Kapwing subtitle editor showcased with a user-friendly interface, aiding teams in efficient content creation.
Explore Kapwing—the intuitive subtitle editor to elevate the video content. Click here to learn more.

7. Kapwing

Kapwing is a free online video editor that includes subtitle-editing tools, so users have to pay $20 per month for the Pro version if they want to access the full range of features. The simple interface within Kapwing makes it easy for users to control the timing, appearance and position of the subtitles.

Kapwin is best suited to creating subtitles for short videos, as it works by users to manually insert subtitle text line-by-line or onto specific timestamps. Kapwin supports 74 different languages, meaning users are able to use the app to expand the international reach of their video content.

8. Typito

Typito is a web-based subtitle editor, costing $8 per month for the Solo Plan and $21 per month for the Pro Plan. Typito doesn’t require any downloading or installing of software, meaning it is straightforward to set up even for beginners. Typito is the perfect choice for a multilingual subtitling project, because it supports accurate translations in over 100 languages.

Typito supports automatic and manual subtitling, with options to import premade subtitle files (in the SRT format) or use its built-in text editor, so users are free to use whichever method is best suited to their project. The free version of Typito restricts users with a 1GB video upload limit and a non-removable watermark on the final product.

9. Subly

Subly is a free subtitle editor software which automatically adds captions to video. "Subtly stands out from other subtitle editors by offering a range of options for creating subtitles. Users are able to choose between automatic AI transcription, using premade subtitle files (SRT), or recruiting professional transcribers. The Subly interface is incredibly intuitive, with the subtitle text appearing on a banner on the left side of the screen for the author to edit as the video plays.

Subly has remarkable language coverage, supporting over 100 languages at 98% accuracy, but users have to purchase one of the paid subscriptions starting at $25 per month to access the full range of editing features.

10. Nova A.I.

Nova is an automatic AI-driven subtitle-generating tool that stands out for its ability to transcribe and translate automatically. It supports 75 languages and offers options for hardcoding subtitles over your clip or downloading subtitle files in formats like SRT, VTT, or TXT for adding to your player. Nova A.I. is noted for its ability to customize subtitles in terms of language and style. Although it has a free version, it comes with limitations such as watermarking and a maximum subtitle duration of 30 minutes. Paid plans start at $10 per month.

Adobe Premiere Pro interface displaying its advanced video editing capabilities, ideal for fast, precise edits.
Get familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro for cutting-edge video editing. Update now for unrivaled performance.

11. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional-level video editing software, costing $29.99 per month. The main attraction of Adobe Premiere Pro is that the software enables users to edit videos and create subtitles in one app, with options to edit the automatic captions. Adobe Premiere Pro also has incredible language coverage, supporting 68 languages and dialects including Galician, Khmer and Macedonian.

The advanced tools are hard to navigate for novice video users although Adobe Premiere Pro assists users in adding accurate and attractive captions.

12. Subtitle Edit

A free and open-source editor renowned for its comprehensive feature set, including audio visualizers for displaying waveforms and spectrograms. It integrates with Open Office dictionaries for spell checking, and supports a wide range of subtitle formats. Fonts like Georgia and Impact are recommended for captions within this software, making it a versatile tool for editing subtitles.

What is a Subtitle Editor?

Subtitle editor is apps, websites or desktop softwares which allow the user to create new subtitles, or edit existing ones. Users either insert text line-by-line into the subtitle editor or upload a premade subtitle file to create new subtitles. Subtitle editors give users the control to adjust the font, color, size, placement and timing of existing subtitles.

What is the Purpose of Subtitle Editor?

The purpose of subtitle editor is to create new subtitles, edit the appearance, position or timing of existing subtitles and convert subtitles to suit media formats. Many reasons necessitate the editing of subtitles. The reasons are to reflect updated information, make more room for important visual elements on-screen, or better match the overall theme of the video.

What to Consider in Choosing a Subtitle Editor?

When choosing a subtitle editor, several key factors should be taken into consideration to ensure that the selected software meets your specific needs and enhances your video content effectively. Here's what to consider:

  1. Ease of Use: The interface should be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing for efficient navigation and operation without a steep learning curve. This is crucial for both beginners and experienced users to quickly create or edit subtitles.
  2. Features and Functionality: Look for software that offers comprehensive features such as support for various subtitle formats (e.g., SRT, ASS, SUB), the ability to adjust font type, size, color, and positioning, as well as timing synchronization and automatic transcription capabilities.
  3. Integration Capabilities: The ability to integrate with video editing software and other platforms can streamline your workflow. Look for subtitle editors that allow direct importing and exporting of video files and subtitle formats.
  4. Customization Options: The best subtitle editors provide extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor subtitles to match the style and aesthetics of your video content.
  5. Collaboration Features: If working as part of a team, consider whether the software supports collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously.
  6. Pricing and Subscription Models: Evaluate the cost relative to the features offered. Some subtitle editors are free with basic functionalities, while others require a subscription or purchase for advanced features.
  7. Customer Support and Tutorials: Access to reliable customer support and comprehensive tutorials can be invaluable, especially when encountering technical issues or learning how to use the software.

What is the Best Free Subtitle Editor Software?

The best free subtitle editor software is Aegisub because Aegisub has a styles manager, spell checker and real-time preview of the subtitles built in. Aegisub has the unique feature of showing a waveform preview of the audio to help the user find the exact start-stop time of the dialogue. Aegisub has remarkable language coverage including regional dialects and languages typically foregone by subtitle editor softwares.

Efficient Subtitling with Transkriptor: The Ultimate Tool for Content Creators

For content creators seeking an efficient way to generate subtitles, Transkriptor emerges as a standout solution. Leveraging advanced AI, Transkriptor offers highly accurate transcription services in over 100 languages, ensuring your video content is accessible to a global audience. It simplifies the subtitling process by converting audio or video to text swiftly, allowing for quick edits directly within the platform.

Users can export their subtitles in SRT format, complete with timestamps and speaker names, ensuring compatibility across various platforms and video players. Whether you're working on a small project or a professional production, Transkriptor provides the features and ease of use necessary to produce clear and precise subtitles, making it the ideal choice for creators at any level. Try it for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Chrome translates webpage text but doesn't directly translate subtitles. Use online translation tools or dedicated subtitle editing software for accurate subtitle translation.

Editors are able to auto-translate subtitles in a video using video editing software with built-in translation features or importing the subtitles into a translation tool. But, it’s necessary to review and adjust the translated subtitles.

The best translator for subtitles depends on factors like language pairs, features like transcription, and user preferences. Popular options include Transkriptor, Simplified, and professional translation software like Phrase Localization Platform or memoQ.

Auto-generated subtitles are translated using the same process as manual subtitles. Editors should import the auto-generated subtitles into a translation tool, then edit and refine the translation for accuracy.

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