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Why people love Transkriptor?

Productive: Transcribe automatically, turn audio to text within minutes

Automatically transcribe audio, turn your audio or video to text. Upload your file and convert your audio to text with Transkriptor. Transkriptor’s powerful artifical intelligence generates online transcriptions within few minutes. Transkriptor is used by many professionals or students. Transkriptor is the best assisstant for interview transcription, lecture transcription and video transcription. Transkriptor creates editable TXT, word or SRT files. You can download your transcriptions within seconds or you can use Transkriptor’s online editor for easy and quick editing.  Sign up today and be more productive in school, work, and life. 

Accurate: Transcribe with 80-99% accuracy

Transkriptor is powered by state of the art artifical intelligence algorithm. Therefore, Its accuracy can reach 99% (depends on the language and audio quality). Transkriptor learns speech patterns and its accuracy improves everyday.

Even though Transkriptor is one of the most powerful artificial intelligence solutions, it is extremely easy to use. Transkriptor is an online speech-to-text converter and no installation required. Simply upload your file and start.

Transkriptor allows you to avoid the time and pain of manually transforming audio or video to text. It creates a draft text automatically and provides an intuitive text editor, so that you can create 100% accurate transcription.

Easy Editing: Simple online transcription editor

Transkiptor connects your audio to the text in its online text editor in which you can easily listen to your audio and edit your transcriptions. You can import audio or video files in many different formats and export your transcription with timestamps, in Text, SRT, or Word formats.

Affordable: The lowest price for transcription

Our mission is to offer affordable transcription service for everyone and make the world more accesible.

We offer free transcription trial on sign up.  Click “try it free” button to transcribe free. If you like the transcription quality and prefer to transcribe more you can upgrade your account. We offer the most affordable transcription prices in the market (98% cheaper) starting from 0.004 EUR/minute.  Check our pricing page for more details, or start transcribing free now.

Supported Languages

You can use your minutes to transcribe in multiple languages. Whether you transcribe German, Portuguese, or in any other language, Transkriptor will be your all-in-one transcription software.

Simple and Powerful

Transkriptor is super smart!

1.Upload your file

Supported audio or video formats are mp3/mp4/wav/webm/flac. Firstly, convert it to supported formats, if you have different format

2. Check your mail

Transkriptor will automatically Transcribe your file within minutes. Furthermore, It notifies you via mail

3. Download or share

Login to your account and list completed tasks. Finally, download or share the Transcription files.