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Boost your business communication and the productivity of your team with Transkriptor Business.

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Take Meeting Notes

Transkriptor bot automatically joins your Google Meets, Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings.

Transcribe Interviews

Record any conversation with customers and get a transcription of conversation.

Convert Video & Audio to Text

Get the transcript of any video or audio file on the internet by pasting the page link into Transkriptor

How are Teams using Transkriptor?

Internal Meetings

Market Research Interviews

Customer Meetings

Patient Interviews

Videos and Podcasts

Media Interviews


Transkriptor Provides:

Collaboration and easy sharing

Meeting and Screen Recording

Assign/Remove Licenses

50 Hours/Month/Member

Centralized Billing/Invoice

Meet Transkriptor Enterprise!

Transkriptor Enterprise provides advanced features that are tailored for your business

Custom Integrations

API Access

Custom Domain

Usage or Seat Based Pricing

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How To Get Transkriptor as a Small Team?


Sign In or Sign Up

Firstly click on My account page to Sign in or sign up. When you log in to your account, you will be directed to the dashboard page.


Upgrade To Business Membership

Click Add minutes or Remaining minutes pages on the Dashboard. Find the Business option and select the number of license you want. Complete your payment by clicking the Get started button. Congratulations, you are now a member of Transkriptor Business.


About Enterprise Solutions

Transkriptor Enterprise what you are looking for, if you are large organization that need advanced features, admin controls, additional support and integration to your workflow at scale. Transkriptor Enterprise provide advanced features that custom-built to fit within your enterprise. Please fill the form on Sales page, our team will contact to you as soon as possible.

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