How to add text to video with Movavi Video Editor

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Step-by-step guide on adding text overlays to your video creations using Movavi Video Editor

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The world of video editing software is so broad that it often becomes challenging to find a worthy one. A free sub title editor and adder with a simple interface, advanced features, and many supported formats.

Luckily, there is one software that stands out – Video Editor by Movavi which has more than 7 million customers in 190 countries. This program helps you to cut, trim, crop, apply over 180 filters, and, of course, add text to videos. Below, we will tell you how to do that with Movavi Video Editor in a matter of minutes and introduce you to other cool things this software can offer.

How to put text on a video: a step-by-step guide

If you want to make your video more personal and modern, adding text is the right way to go. Especially when we are talking about Movavi Video Editor, one of the simplest and most comprehensive tools on the market. Here is what you should do:

  1. Download the video editor on the official website by choosing between two versions – for Windows and iOS.
  2. Install Movavi Video Editor by running the installation file. Make sure you have enough free space.
  3. Open the program, press Add Files, and choose the video you want to change. It will appear on the video track.
  1. Add text to your video by going to the Title tab. Choose a suitable text style and drag-drop it on the track. Adjust its edges to when you want the text to appear and disappear.
  1. Personalize the text by double-clicking on it. You will see a Preview Window with a chance to change font, colour, and size. Press Apply once you are ready. You can create two or more texts if necessary.
  2. Save the clip by pressing Export. Give your video a name, then choose the right format and destination folder. Once you are done, hit Start and wait while the video is saved. You can also share it via a personalized link through social media.

What else can you use Movavi Video Editor for?

Now that you know how to add subtitles using Movavi Video Editor, let’s talk about what else this software is capable of. Trust us, with its help you can impact viewers through the screen, creating unique videos of the highest quality.

Unlike complex programs, this subtitle generator and editor doesn’t hide its rich functionality under menus and payment plans. Everything is on the surface and everyone can grab it. Here are the different features that Movavi Video Editor has to offer:

  • The basic pack of features to cut, trim, rotate, resize, and reverse your remote videos;
  • AI background removal. Want to turn your boring video into a masterpiece? Then try replacing the green screen or a dull backdrop with bright images of the most unique places worldwide;
  • AI noise removal. With the help of Movavi’s AI denoiser, you can remove wind, car, and other sounds from your video;
  • Extra YouTube effects to make your short and long-form videos more engaging;
  • Direct upload to TikTok without a need to save them first;
  • Support of multiple formats – from MP4 and AVI to MOV, MKV, and WAV;
  • Movavi Effects Store is a place where you can find hundreds of stylish effects, stickers, frames, and transitions to write a story of your own. Here are only some of the categories available: family, vlogging, technology, travel, and education;
  • Stabilization of shaky recording. You can save videos even if they weren’t stabilized properly;
  • Insert ready-made intros to make videos more informative, and engaging, and help them rank higher on search engines;
  • Processing all kinds of multimedia files, not only videos. We are talking about pictures, sounds, animation, and more;
  • Detection of audio track beats to keep the right tempo of your video. Beats are detected automatically and marked with yellow on the timeline;
  • The Highlight and Conceal feature allows to draw viewers attention to a particular part of the video or hide unnecessary parts.

Movavi Video Editor can help you with numerous tasks whether you need to record memorable events, make travel videos, improve your blog, or get ready for an important business presentation.


Movavi Video Editor is a highly functional software that lets you make a real masterpiece even without any prior knowledge and skills. You can add text to video in a matter of minutes, choose hundreds of filters and templates from the Effects Store, and use other cool features to uncover your creativity. A big plus is that Movavi has multiple guidelines that will help you get started. Do you still have any questions left? Don’t hesitate to ask them!


It is an intuitive video-editing software that allows making fun, engaging, and good-looking videos that could compete with Oscar movies. You can often find Movavi Video Editor in the list of the best free editing software without watermarks and tons of positive reviews. This software offers numerous tools and features, some of which we have already covered in the sections above.

At first glance, these two programs are rather similar but Movavi Video Editor has a more intuitive design and a bigger number of features. Unlike Adobe Premier Pro, it offers brand overlay, preview functionality, speed adjustment, and HD resolution.

Absolutely not! Actually, it is the easiest way for beginners and those who don’t want to waste their precious time. Just upload your video and text in an srt file, adjust and personalize it, and save the result. What can be simpler?

Many users turn on closed captions because they can’t watch a video with sound. Movavi Video Editor takes care of this issue as well. With its help, you can insert subs and texts to let millions of people see your words.

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