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Transkriptor 2024-01-17

With our advanced features and automatic functionality, transcribing video in a flash has never been faster. Transkriptor gives your videos extra appeal with just a few clicks.

Our tool transcribes audio and video files to text within minutes, using state-of-the-art AI software, giving you video transcripts in 100+ languages with up to 99% accuracy. Upload your audio or video file to our online dashboard, or check out our Android and iPhone apps for on-the-go editing.

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How We Efficiently Transcribe Video to Text

Transkriptor allows you to create your audio to text video transcription hassle free, with up to 99% accuracy. Simply upload your video to our intuitive web dashboard, or utilize our smartphone apps and follow the step-by-step process. We support several formats, so you don't have to worry about format conversion before you transcribe your audio or video file.

Transkriptor will use our auto transcription software to transcribe your video in minutes. When done, you'll get an email to tell you your transcription is ready. Edit and export your written text and download or share the file whenever you're happy.

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Enhance video content's value with precise transcription tools.

Why Choose Transkriptor?

Videos and video transcription are important for any brand or individual who wants to get their name or product out there with engaging and informative video content. Adding captions, subtitles, and a written text version of any video you publish is important to make sure you're hitting every demographic possible. Transkriptor's advanced AI transcription tool improves the searchability and discoverability of any video you produce by adding accurate text so you can turn videos into views, subscribers, sales, and more.

Boost Your Views

Videos are the new way we consume media content and are the most popular way of communication among people of all age groups in 2023. Having transcribed media alongside your video content is important to make sure users can follow the speech or actions within the video. Maximize viewership with automatic transcription for subtitles, scrolling content, scripts, and more with Transkriptor's easy automatic transcription tool.

Fast, Affordable, Accurate

Manual video transcriptions shouldn't take up your valuable time; Transkriptor’s AI generates online transcriptions fast and can transcribe videos in just a few minutes.

Transkriptor can deliver your transcribed video and audio files with up to 99% accuracy in multiple languages, so say goodbye to the tedious task of manually editing interviews, lectures, or any other conversations you record.

Transkriptor's subscription price is affordable, and we offer a free transcription trial on sign-up. Other transcription tools only offer expensive services without offering our range of supported languages or super easy software.

Multiple Languages

Translate your transcripts to over 100 different languages with one click from inside the Transkriptor dashboard, and make sure your video is accessible to your global audience. Among our most popular languages are English, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Hebrew, French, German, Arabic, and many more.

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Unlock the full potential of audio content with Transkriptor.

Video Transcription Made Easy

Transkriptor makes video transcription easy with 4 simple steps.

1. Sign up with your Google and Facebook accounts or with your email.

2. Click on the ”Upload” button to go to your dashboard. Drag & drop your video file or paste the web link of the file you want to transcribe.

3. Check your email for Transkriptor’s powerful AI-generated online transcriptions within a few minutes.

4. Use Transkriptor’s rich text editor to fix minor errors, then click the download icon to get your file in your preferred format (SRT file, TXT file, or Word Document).

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All-in-one transcription dashboard of Transkriptor—simplifying audio-to-text journey.

Who Needs Video to Text Transcription?

Video content is part of everyday life, and it's important to utilize it properly to get the maximum effect, whether you need to add subtitles to your latest YouTube video, convert a recorded lecture to text to help with your studies, or transcribe a video interview. Video transcription has many uses, and whether you need to transcribe video for work, school, or play, we have you covered.

Journalist Jobs Ticked Off

Writers and journalists know how frustrating manual transcription can be when it comes time to transcribe audio or video interviews, and Transkriptor can take the edge off an otherwise menial task. Our service detects speech from multiple voices, can translate into several different languages, and is delivered to you within minutes. Take advantage of the accurate and fast auto transcription we offer to enhance your written content and transcribe interviews in just one click.

Marketing Mastered

If you're marketing a product or service, your video needs to be engaging, informative, and maybe even funny, but above all else, you need your video to be understandable by your target audience, wherever they may be in the world.

Add subtitles with ease with Transkriptor's audio and video transcription tool. When describing your product or service, subtitles and captions are crucial to get your message across to viewers in every language. Potential customers or clients appreciate real-time captions so they can understand and take in the information presented, meaning the words appearing on the screen are vital.

Proficient Promotion

Promoting an event with a video can be just the ticket for making that much-needed revenue and drumming up popularity and word-of-mouth promotion. Transkriptor can translate your video into multiple languages so your clients never miss a beat. Whether you're promoting a concert, charity event, club night, or festival, your eager partiers will have all the info they need to attend.

Lecture and Meeting Notes Licked

Students and professionals alike can all benefit from Transkriptor's audio and video transcripts, and lectures, seminars, meetings, and more can all be recorded and transcribed for later use. Make your school or work life easier with our accurate and easy transcript service, tailored to your needs. Transkriptor's advanced AI software can detect multiple speakers and provide your transcript quickly in whatever language you need.

DIY Content Delivered

When you're making do-it-yourself or instructional videos, you need captions. Captions will enlighten your viewers on how to make their own coffee table, replace a lightbulb, create a quilt, or any other DIY idea you want to make into a reality. Give your audience a quality experience with Transkriptor's SRT files, and add accurate subtitles in a range of languages so your viewers can easily understand your content and enjoy it, too.

Set for Social Media

When it comes to making a name for yourself or your brand on social media, quality is key. At Transkriptor, our service provides all the tools you need to reach a wider audience and keep them engaged. Boost your views, revenue, and subscribers with captions, subtitles, and more when you transcribe videos with our easy transcription tool. Edit social media transcripts on the go with our Android and iPhone apps so you never miss an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the latest trend or easily prepare a script with Google Docs with our inbuilt Google Chrome extension.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply upload your video to the dashboard or paste the web link of the file you want to transcribe and receive an email to edit, download, or share your file within minutes. Don't waste time manually transcribing your videos; let us do the work. Our advanced AI is 99% accurate, and our services are highly rated on TrustPilot, so you can rest easy while we make your transcript.

We offer a free transcription trial on sign-up. Click the “Try It Free” button to transcribe for free. If you're happy with your video file transcription and want to transcribe more, it's easy to upgrade your account with multiple options available for both personal and business use. Discover how Transkriptor can make your life easier so you can create videos with top-notch captions, subtitles, and scripts.

ChatGPT is a useful tool and has proven that AI is the future when it comes to automated tasks such as transcription. ChatGPT can transcribe audio and video files accurately using the language model by OpenAI in over 50 languages, whereas Transkriptor offers 100+ languages. ChatGPT does not support all audio and video file formats, making Transkriptor the best choice for your transcription needs as we support formats as input such as MP3, MP4, WAV, AAC, M4A, WEBM, FLAC, OPUS, AVI, M4V, MPEG, MOV, OGV, MPG, WMV, and many more.

With Transkriptor, your video files are transcribed and delivered within minutes at a much lower cost than other transcription services, and provides 99% accuracy in over 100 languages. Sign up for free using Google, Facebook, or email, then subscribe for a fee as low as $4.99 a month for a year's subscription, billed once a year at $59.95.

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