How to Dictate in Excel

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Make a difference using dictation in Excel.

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What is Dictation in Excel?

With a microphone and steady internet connection, the dictation feature enables you to dictate in Excel .

How to Dictate Text in Excel

By enabling an Excel spreadsheet to read the contents of a cell, range of cells, or worksheet to you, the Speak Cells tool enhances accessibility. This function is accessible from the Quick Access toolbar.

  1. When you want to use a text-to-speech command, select a cell, a range of cells, or an entire worksheet, and right-click the Speak Cells button on the Quick Access toolbar.
  2. You can click Speak Cells without selecting any cells, and Excel will automatically expand the selection to include the neighboring cells that contain values.
  3. Move your cursor to a placeholder or the slide notes and start speaking to see text appear.
  4. Insert punctuation (question mark, comma, full stop, etc.) at any time by saying them explicitly.
  5. To start a new line, say “New Line” or “New paragraph.”
  6. To stop the reading, click the Stop Speaking button in the Quick Access toolbar or click any cell outside the area selected for reading.
  7. You can see your spoken words in the text box.

How to Create an Excel Worksheet?

To create a new Excel worksheet, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. By default, when you start Microsoft Excel, there is an option to select a variety of worksheets/workbooks.
  2. You can select the option based on the requirements. You can create a blank worksheet or choose one of the templates according to your need.

How to Playback after every cell entry in Excel

  1. Click Speak On Enter .
  2. Enter data in any cell. Press Enter and the computer will read back the contents of the cell.

Note: If you hide the Text To Speech toolbar and do not turn off Speak On Enter, the computer continues to read back each cell entry you make. Click Speak On Enter to turn it off.


How to Enable Mic on a Microsoft Device

Before using the dictate feature in Excel on your Microsoft device, you must first enable it for speech recognition. Please follow the steps below to accomplish this:

  1. Select Start , then click Settings on the drop-down menu.
  2. Then scroll down and select Privacy . Choose the Microphone icon .
  3. In Allow access to the microphone on this device, select Change and make sure Microphone access for this device is turned on.
  4. Then, allow apps access to your microphone. In Microphone settings, go to Allow apps to access your microphone and ensure it’s turned on.
  5. Once you’ve allowed microphone access to your apps, you can change the settings for each app. In Microphone settings, choose which Microsoft apps can access your microphone and turn on the apps you want to use with it.

How to Enable Mic on a Mac

You must first enable the dictation feature on your Mac before using it in Excel. Please follow the steps below to complete this:

  1. Choose the Apple menu, then click System Settings.
  2. Select Privacy & Security in the sidebar. (You may need to scroll down.)
  3. Click Microphone.
  4. Turn access to the microphone on or off for each app in the list.
  5. Now, you are ready for voice typing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Excel is a program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is used for both personal and professional presentations. Also, it is available in Microsoft Office across all platforms (Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android).

Large volumes of data are stored, examined, and reported using Excel. It can be used by any expert to manage lengthy and awkward datasets, although accounting teams frequently utilize it for financial analysis. Budgets, editorial calendars, and balance sheets are examples of Excel applications.

An Excel worksheet is a piece of software or a document that assembles rows and columns to store data in a structured way. A user of an Excel worksheet can also apply statistical and mathematical reasoning to the data and modify it to meet the needs of business strategies.

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