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Transkriptor 2022-04-07

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It is 2022 and technology is becoming increasingly integrated into our lives. Every day, we humans are exposed to a limitless feed of content in multiple forms. While much of the content we consume is in text form, video content is becoming increasingly popular. However, we aren’t always in the position to listen to and comprehend audio. With so much stimulation, extra tools can be useful to improve focus. Transcribing audio manually was once the only method for transcript generation. Now, dictation software easily converts audio content into a written transcript.

Manual Transcription is Time-Consuming and Laborious

For generations, people have been manually scribing, struggling to write as fast as they listen. Before technology evolved to where it is today , this scribing could include taking notes during a meeting or presentation. When the only transcription option was to write in long form, it was difficult to ensure all information was received. What if you missed part of what was said while you were finishing writing something? Or write too fast and misinterpret the message? What if you mishear the speech and write it incorrectly? When you are manually transcribing live audio, you have no method to check your accuracy.

This process grew easier when typewriters and computers became widespread, as many people can type faster than they could handwrite. When people could manually type what they were hearing they were less likely to fall behind. Although typing is faster than writing, there is a lot of human error that can lead to an inaccurate transcript.

When audio and video recording came along, people had the option to listen to the audio multiple times when transcribing. If you missed a section or wanted clarification on something you heard, you can relisten and pause as you write. Transcription accuracy may have increased, but the opportunity to rewind the audio can make the process time-consuming. Rewinding multiple times to ensure your transcript is correct can take two to three times longer than traditional live transcription.

Despite keyboards and audio recordings allowing us to achieve a high-quality result, manual transcription is tedious. Although humans have struggled to optimize the efficiency of transcription, automatic dictation software provides a promising solution.

What Is a Dictation Software?

Dictation software is a tool that allows users to automatically convert audio into text. This technology can listen to audio input from video or media files and produce an accurate transcript. Some software is also compatible with live audio input, so people can directly talk and see their own words.

People throughout all industries, including education and entertainment, can benefit from utilizing automatic transcription software. This tool creates an accurate transcription of a fraction of the time it would take to achieve manually. Humans no longer must rely on their intense focus and rewinding to type or write all the information. Now, dictation software can automatically generate a clean, useful transcript to aid you in whatever you need.

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Video Transcriptions Provide Accessibility for Different Types of Learners

Generating a transcription to match a video can be useful for comprehension both in the classroom and in everyday life. Listening to video audio while reading a matching transcription is helpful to accommodate different types of learners. Some people are visual learners and find watching videos or reading useful. Others are auditory learners, learning best when they listen to the information. Kinesthetic learners prefer a hands-on approach as they access information. Although these learning types exist individually, a large portion of the population learns best using a blend of these techniques.

Video transcriptions allow people to utilize different learning techniques as they listen and read at the same time. By accessing the same information through multiple senses, it can improve focus and comprehension. This can be beneficial for students, teachers, researchers, and more, to create engaging content. Distraction and lack of focus are becoming increasingly evident in 2022, especially with the rise of short-form video content apps. Nevertheless, dictation software can help restore the value of video content by allowing for easy, accurate transcription.

Are you wondering if dictation software is right for you?

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding who can benefit from using our dictation software:

How can teachers use dictation software to support their students?

Teachers can utilize dictation software in multiple ways to support their students. A good example of utilizing dictation software in the classroom is if the teacher gives video presentations within a lesson. Expecting students to focus on a video alone is a tradition of the past. Teachers can utilize dictation software to generate a transcript of the video and provide it to the students. While the video plays, students can read along and remain engaged in the lesson.

How can students use dictation software to succeed in school?

Students can benefit from using dictation software to transcribe their lectures into written content. If the student has permission from their teacher, they can voice record the lecture to take notes later. Using this method, students can pay attention in class and grasp the material more effectively. After class, they can use dictation software to generate a transcript of the lecture. Then, the student can take notes while still focusing during class.

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How can parents use dictation software to support their children?

Growing children should practice reading comprehension whenever possible. By transcribing videos utilizing dictation software, parents can encourage their children to read as they watch videos.

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How can journalists use dictation software?

The journalism industry is a perfect fit to use dictation software to improve the efficiency of their interviews. Instead of being distracted during an interview taking notes, an interviewer can use a voice recorder and focus on the conversation. Afterward, the journalist can utilize dictation software to generate an accurate transcript of the conversation. Using this transcript, they can write an educational article without wasting time or missing any information.

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What’s Next?

The technological world will continue to evolve, but dictation software helps us keep up. Before automatic transcription was an option, people wasted significant amounts of time manually transcribing information. This manual transcription is tedious, inaccurate, and prevents you from being present in the moment. Utilizing dictation software makes information more accessible in any industry. Head to Transkriptor to learn about the most reliable dictation software for efficient and seamless transcription.

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