Dictation: Take Notes by Talking!

With dictation, your speech gets converted into text in real time. Whether you are dictating personal notes on your iPhone or brainstorming with your team, Transkriptor can help you stay on top of your game!

How to Dictate to Text?

Transkriptor allows you to convert spoken words into the text from anywhere. The speech recognition feature is built right into Transkriptor, so you don’t need to download anything else!

Upload your Voice.

We support a wide variety of formats. But if you have any file that has a rare and unique format, you should convert it to something more common like mp3, mp4 or wav.

Leave the Dictation to Us.

Transkriptor will automatically dictate your file within minutes. When your order is done, you will receive an email informing that your text is ready.

Edit and Export your Text

Login to your account and list completed tasks. Finally, download or share the Transcription files.

Use Dictation when Brainstorming

One of the downsides of brainstorming with your hands is that it’s usually slow to write down your thoughts. Many people can’t write things down quickly enough and get frustrated and give up. The point of coming up with ideas is to get them out there and write down

When coming up with new ideas, it is important to have a tool that you can speak into.

Many writers don’t fully take advantage of technology’s advances by brainstorming in silence and turning their voices to text. Don’t suffer from writer’s block by your own rules. Instead, use voice memos to dictate a bit smoother way to record everything that you say.

Voice recordings are easier for people who cannot frenetically type on a keyboard or mouse. Because it allows them to speak and pause as needed.

Smartphone App that Dictates Notes

Access from all devices.

Turn audio files to text in iphone and Android.

Why Choose Transkriptor for Text Dictation?

Transkriptor makes it effortless to automatically transcribe audio recordings in another dialect through text dictation using state of the art A.I. with a user-friendly interface. You can use the powerful A.I. to transform your audio to text within a matter of minutes with almost near-perfect accuracy spanning from 80% to 99%.

The benefits of being able to understand thousands of languages around the world are priceless. Using online translation software and apps has helped people and businesses worldwide create a way to communicate and serve people from different countries.

podcast dictation


Text dictation software and apps are becoming widely available and easier to afford, so you and business can benefit from transcription with any smart device and the internet. Translation services will continue to improve inaccuracy, and the time it takes to make those important translations close the language gap even further.

How Can Automatic Dictation Help Your Business?

With manual transcription, users often had to speak incredibly slowly so that whoever was recording their words could accurately record them. Because automatic dictation through a speech to text program uses a computer program to listen to your words, it gives you an instant transcript. This saves hours.

Instead of automatic transcription, many companies rely on typing by hand. This can quickly turn into a long process when many documents or reports need to be typed quickly. Most people find that using a program to automatically dictate their words into text is much faster than typing those words by hand.

business meeting

Dictation allows you the freedom to pause and recollect your thoughts without having to worry about spelling or formatting. This can save much valuable time.

The time saved by learning how to dictate automatically makes it perfect for scaling a business. With automatic dictation, your business can take on a much higher workload without having to increase the time spent doing this work. In fact, in most cases, companies can take on more work in even less time than before, all because of automatic dictation.


Without automatic dictation, if your company was faced with a 4x higher demand for written products, you would need to spend 4x time manually writing. However, because dictation saves time over traditional writing and transcription, this is no longer the case.

Now that you know how dictation can make a difference in your daily and professional life, start using Transkriptor for free now!

Woman uses dictation to voice control

Give your hands a break.
You don't need to do any more handwriting

You type and handwrite way too much in your daily life.

It’s a shame that this sounds commonplace. Because humans
are not meant to sit and type out throughout their day.

You are wasting your energy.

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Maricelly G.
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The main benefit for me is time. What a great tool for me, rigth now I can do my job fastly and with quality. Transkriptor is a really good tool for researchers, because we have to do this kind of task and we don´t have a lot of time for transription.
Jimena L.
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Everything is very good, it is not expensive, good relation between price and quality, and it is also quite fast. Great precision in relation to the times of the subtitles and in the recognition of the words. Very few corrections had to be made.
Jaqueline B.
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What I liked most about transkryptor is how it has a high accuracy. With an easy-to-use platform, I only needed to make punctuation adjustments

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you start speaking, AI technology breaks down your speech into tiny fragments. These are only thousandths of a second in length. The AI then reconstructs your speech into a typed transcript. This happens almost instantly. Using a “speaker-independent model,” the program can cut through accents and background noise.

The journalism industry is a perfect fit to use dictation software to improve the efficiency of their interviews. Instead of being distracted during an interview taking notes, an interviewer can use a voice recorder and focus on the conversation. Afterward, the journalist can utilize dictation software to generate an accurate transcript of the conversation. Using this transcript, they can write an educational article without wasting time or missing any information.

Teachers can utilize dictation software in multiple ways to support their students. A good example of utilizing dictation software in the classroom is if the teacher gives video presentations within a lesson. Expecting students to focus on a video alone is a tradition of the past. Teachers can utilize dictation software to generate a transcript of the video and provide it to the students. While the video plays, students can read along and remain engaged in the lesson.

Because voice-to-text converters rely on artificial intelligence to convert voice to text, the technology can be taught new patterns and sound waves. This can be coupled with a “speaker-independent model” to listen to new accents and dialects effectively. The software can learn how to use context clues to tell when punctuation should be placed. The AI can also look at surrounding words to decide which version of a word to use. This is important when you speak a word that sounds similar to another and may have more than one spelling.

Students can benefit from using dictation software to transcribe their lectures into written content. If the student has permission from their teacher, they can voice record the lecture to take notes later. Using this method, students can pay attention in class and grasp the material more effectively. After class, they can use dictation software to generate a transcript of the lecture. Then, the student can take notes while still focusing during class.

Growing children should be practicing reading comprehension whenever possible. By transcribing videos utilizing dictation software, parents can encourage their children to read as they watch videos.