How Can You Auto Transcribe Audio?

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Explore the cutting-edge technology behind automatic audio transcription.

Transkriptor 2022-04-03

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Transcription can be a time-consuming task for business owners and employees, but thanks to auto transcription tools, it no longer has to be. Today we’re going to discover how you can auto transcribe audio. This will offer you text versions of your recordings. You can then edit them to create reports, blog posts, or informational texts for your team. There are dozens of great uses of auto transcription. Keep reading as we share how you can make the most of our software.

Who Can Auto Transcribe Audio?

There are dozens of use cases for our auto transcribe audio software. Transcribing audio is when you take an audio file and create a text from it. From there, you can edit the text, copy and paste it, or upload it to your website. It’s a great way to offer your customers, employees, or listeners another format of your content.

While you could opt to work with a transcriber, this is a much more time-consuming and expensive process. Transcribers will do the work manually, as opposed to an auto-transcribe audio tool. If you are short on time but still need your work to be accurately transcribed, it’s much better to use software for this work.

Transcription is used in the medical industry, by HR teams, for academic research , and so much more. Marketers often auto-transcribe audio to write up their findings, saving them hours of work in the process.

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Uploading Your File

The first step when you auto transcribes audio is to upload your audio or video file. Our auto transcribe audio software will then be able to complete the transcription from this file, saving endless hours of work for a transcriber. Once the transcription is complete, we will offer you the text, which you can edit as needed. It will be time-stamped throughout and can then be exported into the file type you need.

The great thing about using an audio transcription software solution is that you have complete control over the end text. If you want to cut out some of your speech, you can easily do this. You’ll be able to repurpose the text in any way that you like so that you have your work in another format to share with the world.

Users have complete control over how they utilize their text and can download it into a file format that suits their needs. You’ll then be able to distribute it accordingly to your business needs, helping you to get ahead with your work quickly.

Auto Transcribe Audio Offers Better Results

There are multiple reasons to consider using an automatic tool when it comes to transcribing your work . No matter the reason you need to transcribe your text, you’ll find that the quality is much higher than performing this task manually. The task is also completed in a fraction of the time. You can upload your text wherever you need it straight away with no delay.

A huge challenge now is poor audio quality for transcribers. They have to spend hours trying to decipher what someone is saying, only for the results to be incorrect in the end. This could be extremely detrimental when used in the medical or law fields. You always need to have accurate results to build trust in your customers.

When you auto transcribe audio, you’ll find that you get more accurate results each and every time. Our software can cut through the noise in the background and will create a clear transcript of your recording. Even if you have multiple speakers, you can auto transcribe audio with no issues. We offer up to 99% accuracy with our work, thanks to the AI algorithm that’s used within the software.

An Intuitive Text Editor

Once you’ve uploaded your audio or video file to our software, you’ll then receive a text version of your work. From there, we offer an intuitive text editor, so you can make your text 100% accurate for your needs. You can also opt to cut down the text from the auto transcribed audio work. This can be useful when you are transcribing conversations or interviews that are quite lengthy.

Many of our clients opt to auto transcribe audio to create reports and blog posts. Podcasts are incredibly popular now, but not everyone wants to consume information in this format. You can use our text editor to create a blog post or transcript of the interview and then upload it to your website. This will also help to increase interest in your business, boosting your profits year after year. The more content you can offer to potential customers, the more likely they’ll find your company and choose you over the competition.

A More Affordable Solution

Why Should You Subscribe to an Automatic Transcription Service?

It’s much more affordable. You’ll find that working with a manual transcriber can cost a fortune, as they are paid by the hour or word count. You’ll find that Transkriptor comes in at 98% cheaper than other services, saving your business a fortune in the long run.

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What is the Main Benefit of Automatic Transcription

It’s speed.
You’ll find that you can quickly and efficiently receive a text version of your audio or video. From there, you have the ability to edit the text to fit your needs. You could create reports, website content, and blog posts in no time.

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Sign up to Transkriptor today to take advantage of our free trial and see the benefits of auto transcription for yourself. We’ll be excited to help you boost productivity this year with our help. You’ll then be able to focus on the parts of your business that you are passionate about.

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