What is Audio Transcription Software?

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How Does Audio Transcription Software Work?

Audio to text transcription is starting to be commonly used these days. As a result of new developments in sound recognition technology, different audio transcription software have appeared. Their accuracy is on point, and they are extremely fast, but how do they do it?

It all starts to happen when the machine gets the audio from the user. Then, the audio transcription software digitalizes the vibrations of the sounds. It divides the now-digital vibrations into thousands of little pieces, each a hundredth of a second long. After this step, the parts are tested to see if they resemble things called phonemes. A phoneme is a fraction of a word that is unique and distinctive. In other words, phonemes are used to see what word a sound belongs to. Then the software compares all the phonemes to words, sentences, and phrases. At last, the audio transcription software presents the resulting text as output.

A student who used an audio transcription service

Using Audio Transcription Software vs. Manual Transcription

We have explained in more detail the benefits and shortcomings of getting transcripts by hand before. But in short, using automatic software to get transcripts of audio files is the better way. And what better software to use than Transkriptor! Click here to see the blog post where we have examined the possible automatic software options for you.

When you look at the steps of the manual and automatic options, you will also see why automatic is the way to go.

How to Transcribe Without Using Audio Transcription Software

Prepare your Transcription Tools

It’s not an easy task to get transcripts. It takes time. So you need to be in a comfortable position. It takes effort. So you should use the best tools possible to make the job easier for yourself. Among these tools is software that makes your job easier by providing easier control buttons. Furthermore, there is hardware like foot pedals that also make it easier for you to pause and play the audio file while writing.

After you prepare your tools, you need to make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position. A transcript of a 1-hour long audio file takes 5 hours to make on average. So you wouldn’t want to work in an environment where you are suffering from back pain. You need to treat yourself with respect and arrange your work environment.

Use Short Symbols that Represent Words

When you are getting a transcript from an audio file, what you are basically doing is taking notes. You probably took notes in high school and college. So it shouldn’t be like a chore for you. A technique commonly practiced in note-taking is using shorthand symbols for repeated words. By this, you can really boost your speed up when writing a transcript of an audio file. If you notice some words being used repeatedly, you can just make up symbols that are easier to jot down. It doesn’t matter if someone else understands them or not. You can just change them up in the final edit with simple touches.


How Journalists Transcribe Audio?

Journalism is not an easy job. It involves vast amounts of repetitive and mundane tasks. Not only that, but it also requires creativity and work ethic. Journalists are responsible for getting transcripts from audio recordings which is a tedious task. This is a hard job that lots of journalists have to do. Journalists need to be more efficient with their time management skills. They spend hours of their time on this task after all. If only there was a way to get auto transcript from audio.

Manual Transcription is Very Hard Compared to Using Audio Transcription Software

Repetitive transcription is one of the most frustrating tasks for journalists. Journalists spend hours of their time getting transcripts of interviews, conferences, and other events. They also have to be careful not to miss anything important that was said or done at the event.


There are many reasons why journalists put up with this tedious task. But the main reason is that they want to maintain accuracy in their reports. For example, if someone says, “I have seen the problem first-hand” but the journalist misheard it as “I have seen the problem firsthand”. That mistake can be very costly for them. So they try to avoid it at all costs.

Journalists and reporters rely heavily on audio recordings. Though, they often have trouble transcribing interviews and events independently. There is a solution.

Getting an auto transcript of audio enables journalists to catch data better because it’s easier to scan over written documents. This way, journalists can spend less time listening to the recordings and more on improving their interview techniques.

Audio Transcription Software are Getting More Popular

This is why AI tools are becoming more popular in journalistic workflows. They can take care of repetitive transcriptions and help journalists focus on their work instead of wasting time on tedious tasks.

The use of the transcript from audio function has been around for quite some time, but its usage has seen a recent surge given the advent of speech-to-text technology. This has enabled journalists to be able to get auto transcripts from audio at much faster rates than before and this is much appreciated by those who have to focus on other tasks while they wait for their auto transcripts from audio to pop up.


Following the latest developments in technology in this era, countless audio transcription software has appeared. But which one should you use? Here are some ideas for you: 

What Are Some Great Audio Transcription Software?


Transkriptor has thousands of regular customers who are safe in the knowledge that they will be fulfilled. Students, journalists, researchers, and other professionals are among those whom we provide for. They use our audio transcription software every month with no hassle. They upload their audio and get an auto transcript from that audio in only a few minutes.


This is an audio transcription service that operates in over 60 languages. It also makes room for editing and proofreading. Additionally, happy scribe gives you the option of synchronizing third-party tools to make it easier for you to customize the experience.


Rev is more a manual transcription service than an audio transcription software. It charges you 1 and a quarter dollars per minute of recording. They claim that the job will be finished within 12 hours, and with 99 percent accuracy.


Amberscript has both manual and automatic transcription options. It’s endorsed by companies like Netflix, Disney, and Microsoft. It’s a robust and trustworthy audio and video transcription software.


This tool resembles a full-fledged productivity tool. It allows you to control every part of the document creation process with just your voice. It is a great audio transcription software for creating projects.


Trint is one of the great software for AI audio transcription work. It has a lot of options to enrich your experience. You can do things like assigning speaker names and leaving reminders. In the end, you can export the thing


What Are Some Audio Transcription Software?

They include software like happyscribe, Otter, and Transkriptor. All Transcription Software do a similar task, but Transkriptor offers the best quality and the lowest cost (5% of what other transcription software cost). A workplace that audio transcription software are being used

With Otter, you can do so many things in addition to the usual transcription. You can add notes, key phrases, and visuals. You can train the algorithm for specific voices to reference them in the future. This product is used by countless companies like Zoom, IBM, and Dropbox, so you don’t have to worry about credibility.

Why Transkriptor is the best Audio Transcription Software?

A meeting that was recorded and transcripted by an audio transcription software

Transkriptor is wicked fast. It takes your audio and delivers the final product in less than half the duration of your original audio. It’s also as accurate as they come. Transkriptor warrants more than 90 percent accuracy on even your most muddy audio files. What’s more, you can edit your final text with our audio transcription software if you wish to fix any mistakes afterward.

When it comes to the richness of options, trust Transkriptor and forget your troubles. We support many formats including but not limited to mp3, mp4, wav…Just so you can transcribe your audios without any problems. Even if you have a file that has a weird format, you can use online tools like convertio, or cloudconvert, and be done within minutes. We also support more than 40 languages, so whichever language your audio is, you can get the text version without problem.