What Is a Transcription App?

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How to Use a Transcription App?

If you cannot decide between using a transcription app or a transcription service, then here is a short answer. “A Transcription app is a mobile-based way to interact with various transcription services”. It’s like you don’t have to open your computer each time you need to transcribe.

Upload your File.

We support a wide variety of formats. But if you have any file that has a rare and unique format, you should convert it to something more common like mp3, mp4 or wav.

Leave the Transcription to Us.

Transkriptor will automatically convert your file within minutes. When your order is done, you will receive an email informing that your text is ready.

Edit and Export your Text

Login to your account and list completed tasks. Finally, download or share the Transcription files.

What’s The Difference Between a Transcription Service and A Transcription App?

Transcription services are used worldwide for speech-to-text purposes . There are two ways you can access transcription services. One is using a transcription app and the other is using transcription software.There are some web-based online transcription services available. They let you upload your file directly and wait for the transcript to generate. It’s your responsibility to choose the best which seems more reliable and convenient for you. However, we can help you to select the best transcription app.

Transcription software is best for you if you spend most of your time using the computer. This way you will not find it an extra step to turn on your pc and start working. However, for people who are not much involved in using computers, having an app is a much more reliable option. You will find ease using this app due to the smaller display and touch screen interface. You can easily download such apps by visiting your device-specific portals like the App Store and Google Play. However, the quality of transcription services you get from an app and software are nearly the same.
Transcription Apps are an Easy Way to Get A Transcription Service So, why would you prefer a transcription app? The most obvious reason is that downloading apps on your mobile is easy, quick, and convenient. It easily fits in your busy mobile-dependent lifestyle. Apart from this, many people find the transcription app convenient because they can easily upload a recording from their mobile. Most people have a mobile-recording file so having an app is pretty excellent to meet your transcription needs. It means you can upload the recording straight from your mobile making the overall process of transcription easier.Some transcription apps even have a built-in function allowing you to record a file directly in the app and send it for transcription without the additional step of uploading the file. Transcription can be your go-to friend whenever you are in a hurry to transcribe. With a few clicks on your mobile, you can have your transcript. This way you can create and use the transcript easily.

Transcription Apps Provide Simultaneous Transcripts

When it comes to automated transcription services, many transcription apps deliver real-time transcripts as you start speaking. This is an excellent way to ensure that your transcript is not full of mistakes.There is nothing simpler and easier than the viable solution to your transcription needs through automatic speech recognition.A transcription app can do wonders for you. It serves a much larger and more important purpose than that of transcribing your favorite viral videos.
Nothing seems more relaxing than transcribing your big task in a few clicks. Not to mention, the transcription service you are getting through the app not only helps you create a written record but also helps you to edit it precisely.Transcription Apps are Cutting Edge
Let’s admit that we all want to embrace the latest technologies in our lives, especially those people who own businesses. As the market for transcription services is growing at a great pace, more and more sophisticated solutions appear to facilitate the customers in every aspect. No matter which field you belong to, you can equally use a transcription app to ease your workload and have everything in a well-written form.

Transcription Apps Are Convenient

No one can deny the power of mobile devices in our lives. With each passing day, people are getting maximum facilities. That’s why people are addicted to mobile devices. So, in this era of this much reliance on mobile devices for living and working, the transcription app offers the kind of ease you urge in getting the transcription service of your favorite company. In a nutshell, it provides a user-friendly convenient alternative to typing.

Transcription Apps Can Boost Productivity

This is an important aspect of a transcription app. Getting help from such apps ensures that you don’t have to spend more time refreshing the page again and again.With a few taps, swipes, drags, and holds, you can have your transcripts. This way you save a lot of your time and effort. Moreover, you spend less time on tedious administration and more time on what really matters the most.
So, if you have multiple files and need to do a lot of work of transcription then having an app is handy. You can quickly transcribe your files while spending your time on anything like cooking dinner or getting ready for an important meeting. So, it’s great for multitasking.

Transcription Apps Have High Turnaround Time

Let’s face it we all hate waiting for something important in a very occupied schedule. In this regard, using an app for transcription provides fast turnarounds. It can even transcribe lengthy passages of text in a few minutes or even seconds. You just need to ensure that the audio quality is great so that the transcript you get does not have a lot of mistakes. If your audio quality is excellent then there is no way that you get mistakes in the transcript you get.

Transcription Apps Are Cheap

The prevalence of transcription services is a clear indication that transcription services are very much accessible. No matter whatever your budget is you can always find a suitable plan according to your transcription needs.There are many transcription apps that are free to use so there is no need to worry about the transcription in case you do not have any budget.Those who need a reliable transcription app may be better served by applications like Transkriptor. It provides an excellent sound-to-text solution by using state of art A.I. You can use this application in many areas from transcribing a journalistic interview to creating captions for online content.This app allows you to use its free trial first without entering any credit card details. Once you are satisfied with the transcription, you can select any suitable plan for your transcription needs.Choosing which app to use entirely depends on your needs since there are a variety of options available. Not to mention, transcription apps are a great tool for getting transcripts quickly, easily, and even whilst on the go. If this is what you are looking for then an app is a perfect way to interface with the transcription service with no hassle at all.

How to Check The Security Policies Of a Transcription App?

Many people don’t consider security a great deal when it comes to their mobile phones. You should keep in mind that sending a recording through a transcription app is still giving access to the transcription company. So your job is to ensure that the company has tight security policies in place in order to keep your data safe. The more sensitive your data the more careful you should be. For example, if your file includes trade secrets you should pay maximum attention to this aspect.To find out either your chosen company is trustworthy or not, there are a number of ways through which you can ensure their security standards are high.Firstly, are they ISO accredited? This will ensure that company is giving the highest level of services. The ISO accreditation to look out for are 27001 and 9001. ISO 27001 can clear your concerns about information security management while ISO 9001 can make you confident about the general management systems. Seeing these accreditations give you the assurance that your data is in safe hands.

Professional Aspects of Transcription Apps

In today’s diversified world, a lot of meetings, seminars, interviews, conferences, and research take place in a variety of languages and topics on daily basis. Most of the time, these proceedings of events are recorded either in an audio or video format just to preserve the information shared. However, it is necessary to have these files in a written format so you don’t have to invest hours listening to everything from start to end for further study and analysis.
In such cases, it becomes necessary to transcribe this spoken material into a text version . This is where a professional transcription app plays a pivotal role. No matter whether you are an organization, researcher, teacher, or belong to any other profession you can avail these transcription services equally.These services are not restricted to any particular region of the world, no matter where are you located you can always get benefit from them anytime, anywhere.
With the popularity of transcription services, there are a lot of companies present which provide such services. However, only credible ones have been able to maintain their position due to their fast, accurate, confidential, and affordable solutions.In this regard, you can also read some reviews online to get an estimate of which one is the best fit for your audio/video file transcription. You should look for the key aspects of these companies which set them apart.

Where Are Transcription Apps Used?

The most frequent users of transcription apps consist of individuals, educational institutes, organizations, and businesses. With a transcription app it’s very accessible to get different types of transcriptions, from medical, academic, legal, and interviews transcription to business, financial, and construction transcription.There are some companies that want to transcribe and translate recorded interviews and research papers into more than 200 languages. This is also a plus of transcription services that you can firstly transcribe your recorded file and then translate it to your preferred language. Moreover, transcription of a recorded file is not restricted to one language (English). You can transcribe your audio file recorded in any language since the transcription app supports many languages.So, whenever you feel the need for the transcription of your important documents, proceedings, or anything else, just opt for a transcription app. Choosing a reliable transcription service will help you to accomplish substantial time, and cost savings along with operational efficiencies.

Transcription Apps In Medicine

With advancements in technology, medical transcription has also transformed to provide enhanced accuracy, flexibility, security, and innovation. You can record physician dictation and transcribe it using a transcription app. This way you will get an accurate medical document in a quick turnaround time.Here are the important features of a transcription app to make your medical life easier:
  • Getting your audio recordings transcribed into an accurate document is very much convenient with an app
  • It performs transcription in a quick turnaround time to meet client needs
  • Transcription apps are available for both android and iOS devices.
  • Many kinds of sound file formats are acceptable including mp3, mp2, wav, m4a, and many more. So, there is no hassle of converting your audio file into a certain format before transcribing it.

Transcription Apps In Business

Due to a lot of competition in global marketing, businesses need to be highly efficient and reliable to survive and grow in this world.This is the reason why most businesses prefer to use transcription services to get the work done quickly. This way it’s easier for businesses to maintain their documentation workflow and regular records.Transcription is also helpful in minimizing documentation workload and utilizing most of your valuable time to analyze, schedule, and adopt new strategies.
In a nutshell, you can improve the overall business efficiency and productivity It subsequently leads to improved cash flow.Having a transcription app also provides you the ease of selecting and uploading your file for speech to text. You don’t need to transfer the mobile recorded audio files to your computer to transcribe them using the software.

What Is Transkriptor?

As mobile use continues to grow worldwide, the use of mobile apps to perform daily tasks has increased. With the availability of transcription apps, it’s now way easier to use them according to your transcription needs. No matter if you need interview transcription, podcast transcription, or any kind of video to text you will always find yourself at ease by using a transcription app. With Transkriptor , there is no end to your transcription needs. You can perform any kind of transcription anywhere by having installed the Transkriptor app on your mobile device. Moreover, Transkriptor also allows you to search through the transcribed text to find insights when you need them. So, next time when you find yourself in a rush to transcribe an important recording of a meeting or conference, just open your Transkriptor app and use it according to your needs. Having an app gives you an opportunity to get transcription services anywhere whether you are traveling, attending a ceremony, classroom, conference hall, or anywhere. It’s a smart means of getting your required transcription service.

How to Use Transkriptor‘s Free Trial

Firstly, you will need to download the Transkriptor app. After installing it on your device, signup and confirm your email address to get started with a free trial. After signing up you will be directed to your account dashboard. You can start a new transcription here and download your transcribed files. Moreover, you can always view previous transcription tasks in your dashboard. In order to use your free trial, you don’t need to enter credit card detail!

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