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Choosing the best transcription service can be difficult. There are a number of factors at play. A good example is to compare the services of Trint vs. Transkriptor for automatic transcription.

In this article, you’ll learn about the differences between Trint vs. Transkriptor.

Which is Better? Trint or Transkriptor

To understand the benefits of Trint vs. Transkriptor, you must first understand what they offer. Here’s a brief rundown of the sites and their services.

What is Transkriptor?

Transkriptor is an automatic transcription site that uses AI to convert your audio files into text. It uses a web-based editor, but there’s also a mobile app that provides the same services. Transkriptor allows you to create transcriptions of online meetings, lectures, etc. but also video subtitles.

What is Trint?

Trint is also an automatic transcription service that uses a web-based editor and conversion platform. Its higher subscription levels include collaboration tools, so multiple users can work on the same transcription. Along with audio transcriptions, it also offers video subtitling. Trint also has a mobile app, but it’s only available on iOS.

Trint vs. Transkriptor: How Do They Work?

Usability is arguably one of the most important considerations when choosing a transcription service. For Trint vs. Transkriptor, the processes aren’t too dissimilar.

How Does Trint Work?

Trint’s transcription service is fairly simple:

  1. Upload your audio file. Trint advises it should be a maximum of 3 hours or 3GB. Larger files should be split before being uploaded.
  2. Allow the AI platform to convert your audio file into text. Trint states this should take roughly as long as the audio. For example, a 30-minute recording should take a maximum of 30 minutes to transcribe.
  3. Once the file is converted, it generates a text file for you to edit. There’s an audio playback feature, so you can listen to sections the transcriber has got wrong.
  4. After editing the file, you can download it as a text file in your chosen format.

How Transkriptor Works

Transkriptor’s process is similar and just as easy to use:

  1. Log in to the website and upload your audio file.
  2. The file should only take a few minutes to convert into text, regardless of the length. Larger files will take longer, but not by much.
  3. You’ll get an email once the file is done converting. If you’ve left the site, log back in and begin editing.
  4. Read through the file correcting any inaccuracies and naming your speakers.
  5. Download the completed file in your chosen text format.

Trint vs. Transkriptor: Which is Easier to Use?

Both Trint and Transkriptor have easy-to-use editing tools. However, Transkriptor is quicker in converting files, which can be helpful if you’re in a rush. Both support the same video and audio file formats, and you can download the text in the same formats on both (TXT, SRT, and .doc).

Trint vs. Transkriptor: Pricing

Along with usability, price is the next most important factor. It can sometimes be worth paying more for a service if it means faster conversion and higher accuracy, as these will save you time in the long run. Below are some details on the pricing structure of Trint vs. Transkriptor.

Trint Pricing

Trint doesn’t offer a per-hour price model. Instead, its basic plan is $60 a month, which allows you to convert 7 files. Note, these aren’t 7 files of a particular length, so you’ll pay the same price for converting 20-minute files as you would for 3-hour files. If you plan to work on larger transcriptions, this could work in your favor.

Trint also offers a mid-range level, which is $75 a month and includes unlimited transcriptions. You can have up to 15 users at this level, so it offers a shared workspace for collaborating on transcription files. Paying for your subscriptions annually saves you 20% on the monthly price.

There’s also a custom enterprise level, but the pricing is on a per-company basis.

Transkriptor Pricing

Transkriptor’s price structure is straightforward. There are 3 levels that cost $9.90, $14.99, and $24.99 a month. These include 5 hours, 20 hours, and 40 hours of transcription a month, respectively.

There’s also a business level that’s $30 a month per member with 50 hours of transcription a month per member. Finally, there’s an enterprise level, which is a custom price.

As with Trint, you can pay for your subscription annually or monthly, although paying annually gets you 2 months for free.

Trint vs. Transkriptor: Which Price is Better?

Trint is one of the most expensive Transkriptor alternatives on the market. Its monthly price (on an annual subscription) is $48 a month, which could get you up to 21 hours of transcription. This is based on the assumption that you upload 7 files of the maximum length of 3 hours.

By comparison, Transkriptor’s standard level costs $149.90 a year, which is roughly $12 a month. For this, you get 20 hours of transcription, so it’s noticeably cheaper.

But a more important consideration is that you can split these 20 hours across multiple files, whereas Trint gives you 7 files regardless of their length. So, on the subject of pricing for Trint vs. Transkriptor, it’s fair to say Transkritpor is better.

Trint vs. Transkriptor: Accuracy

Finally, it’s worth considering accuracy, as a more accurate file will be ready more quickly. Automatic transcription services are only ever 99% accurate at best. This is the level Transkriptor claims to be, depending on the quality of the audio.

Trint also claims to be 99% accurate, but it doesn’t do well with vaguely complex files. Because of these, the accuracy is not high.

Trint vs. Transkriptor: Which is Better?

So, when comparing Trint vs. Transkriptor, which is better? It depends on the criteria you use, but based on price, accuracy and ease of use, Transkriptor is arguably the superior service.

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