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Explore the world of transcription software to make the right choice for your needs

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Automatic transcription can save time and money, but only when you choose the right transcription software.

Why is Transcription Software Necessary?

Transcription software is essential because it easily converts audio speech into written form, which is necessary for a wide range of applications. These include but are not limited to:

  • Fast and easy: Transcription software makes transcribing fast and easy. The software does all the work for a small fee, less than paying a transcriber. It is possible to use high-quality transcripts of audio or video in several ways.
  • SEO improvement: Video is among the most popular mediums right now. Trends show that popularity will only increase. Having transcription available offers more opportunities including SEO . This touch helps you win customers over and build your lead base.
  • Accessibility : Transcription, particularly for subtitles, is also an accessibility requirement. Transcription and subtitles with the videos allow a wide variety of people to access them.

What to Look for In Automatic Transcription Software?

Choosing a transcription software provider requires many considerations. A poor choice results in the company investing more resources than what was budgeted for a project. Weighing the options for transcription software before choosing against these criteria is a rational choice.

Which Criteria to Consider for the Best Transcription Software?

Below are the criteria to be evaluated before choosing the right transcription software:

  • Accuracy of Software : Accuracy is vital with automatic translation. Without it, it is likely to spend many hours correcting the video and audio transcripts. It is possible to see embarrassing errors if the transcription software is not correct. Check the accuracy scores for each software you are considering.
  • Speed of Software : In today’s world, speed is vital for businesses. Transcription software does little if it cannot promptly deliver transcripts or is slower than human transcription. Since speed is vital, many transcription software options promise delivery quickly. Evaluate their claims carefully.
  • Security Level of the Software : These days, security is a top priority for every company. This criterion is crucial if it runs through the cloud. Otherwise, there is a possibility that files end up shared across the internet. Security is also vital for compliance. Protect data under various consumer protection acts like GDPR and CCPA.
  • Language Support : The capacity for multiple languages is beneficial for reaching more markets. Once a company grows significantly and operates worldwide, offering content in multiple languages makes sense.
  • Timestamps and Separated Speakers : The choice to include timestamps and speakers in the transcription is often helpful. These options enhance the usefulness of your transcript. In particular, speaker identification is useful for interviews to post about. Timestamp and speaker ID options also help create the subtitles.

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Which Options to Consider for the Right Software?

Below are the options that good transcription software provides:

  • Subtitle Options : Subtitles are an essential consideration for companies. Supplying high-quality subtitles either through a . TXT or. SRT file ensures accuracy. However, many transcription services only supply transcription, which differs from subtitles. Choosing a transcription service that offers transcription and subtitles is a reasonable choice. Additionally, single subscription results in saving money.
  • Editing Options : While A.I. transcription is up to 99.9% right, it is possible that the transcript still contains errors. Having a practical option to correct those errors within the transcription service will save time. It will also save money since there will be no need for other software for editing. Generally, the transcription software having an editor where you can play the recording and see the text simultaneously is ideal.
  • Export Options: Consideration for the options of receiving files is also necessary. The best files are ones that can be used directly without conversion. Checking the compatibility of the file formats where results will be shown is essential before choosing software. Word and.TXT files are among the common choices. Software that offers SRT is required for the subtitles. Without such software, file formats must constantly be converted, taking up significant amounts of time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is transcription software?

Transcription software aids in transforming human spoken words into written text. Both audio and video files have the potential to be transcribed, either through manual or automated means. Offering editing from the browser and multiple transcription languages, Transkriptor delivers all preferred features at a fraction of the cost.

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