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What’s the most efficient way to create podcast transcripts? Here are some tips for making your audio more discoverable and accessible!

How to Transcribe your Podcasts?

Transkriptor lets you quickly and easily turn your podcast audio into text. Just a few clicks to get podcast transcriptions!

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What is Podcast Transcription?

Are you not sure if you should transcribe your podcasts? Look no further. Transcription is the process of transforming aural or recorded speech into text or written language. When it comes to growth, podcast transcription proves an extremely beneficial tool. It helps businesses save time and money.

Transcribing allows you to take your podcast audio and share them on social media for increased exposure. You will also stay on top of search engine optimization (SEO) by continuing to update your blog with fresh content.

Why Should I Transcribe My Podcast?

Podcast transcription services can take your video or audio file and turn it into searchable text that is now accessible to the general public. The benefits are many. Transcripts provide an additional avenue for marketing your podcasts. They also allow people with disabilities to more thoroughly engage in the content and help search engines to identify podcasts.

A transcription of your podcast improves your SEO, enables people with hearing disabilities to enjoy your content, and even helps you get more into peoples workflow.

The ear is not the only way to understand content; some people need to read in order to make sense of it all. With the rapid proliferation of devices (like smartphones), there are many more ears attempting to fill up digital noise. A podcast transcription benefits these people by making it easier for them to consume your content.

When it comes to SEO, it takes your audio file into helpful excerpts that become searchable phrases on Google.

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Podcast Transcription Improves Your SEO

Search engines work through the text, therefore transcripts can increase visibility and help rank on a search engine.

For podcasts , a transcript provides content with a boost to search engine visibility. Transcripts will increase people’s understanding of the podcast and help rank your most popular phrases on Google.

After you transcribe your podcasts, all of the content is laid on one page like any other written content. This makes it easy for search engines to detect your content.

The more quotable and catchy your content is, the higher your SEO rankings will be. If you want to rank high in search engines, it’s important to have something that people can share with their friends or colleagues easily.

The Benefits of Podcast Transcription

Podcasts are great content pieces because they are conversational in nature. This makes it easier for other people to highlight the quotable phrases. But of course, you have to transcribe your content and upload them as text.

Highlighting quotable and catchy phrases in your transcript makes the content more attractive to others. This makes people more likely to share your content as social media posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.

A blog post also ranks higher on search engines with Podcasts because of paragraph versus paragraph fluidity. It is not copy-and-paste, duplicative labor when it comes to podcasting. The more people that quote you, the more links you get and the higher your SEO rankings will be.

Podcast Transcription Gives Users Alternative Ways to Experience Your Content

People who prefer reading content might not want to playback your podcast audio full of sound difficulties. If you want your subscribers to check out your content, offer them alternative ways to experience your material.

The best solution for this problem is transcribing podcasts and adding the episode transcripts with timestamps to your site as pages. Adding more and more integrations in your business will make it easier for people to use.

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Learn by Reading Podcast Transcripts

Having your podcasts transcribed creates an interactive reading experience. The listener has the opportunity to gain a more complete version of the information given. Specifically, accurate transcripts provide them with a word-for-word breakdown.

This is getting more and more popular. Streamers are always trying to find ways to make their content more accessible to their fans. They use subtitles on YouTube, translate their material, and distribute it in different formats .

Eventually, they introduced transcribing podcasts because it allowed their fans who prefer to read the text rather than listen, to enjoy it in a different way.

A New Opportunity for Podcast Creators

In this era of niche content consumption, the same content might appear on a YouTube video, a podcast, a blog post, and a podcast transcription simultaneously. Videos were being transcribed for some time now but podcasts weren’t until recently.

Thanks to the developments in speech recognition and artificial intelligence, it’s possible to make automatic transcriptions without the help of human transcriptionists.

Don’t forget, transcribing also helps you verify what you said on the recording, find any errors, and admit to any contradictions.

All that transcribing has extra benefits as it gives new content creators an opportunity to improve their skills, find errors and even communicate more clearly without being too verbose. And you can transcribe files with very little turnaround time.

Transcribing Your Podcasts Increase Accessibility

Since transcribing technology helps so many people in so many ways, an accessible version is not just another option anymore – it is essential.

There are many people who suffer from hearing loss or impairment. Hard of hearing people will not be able to decipher the content of any form of communication which includes written communication, visual communication, and audial communication.

Transcribing your podcasts provide accessibility . It enables even people with impaired hearing to enjoy your content and learn from it. Regardless of the availability of subtitles, transcription provides an added layer of meaning and conveys important nuances and context that words and images alone cannot convey.

Since transcribing technology helps so many people in so many ways, an accessible version is not just another option anymore – it is essential.

Transcribe Podcasts to Eliminate Background Noise

Podcasts may not always have high-quality audio. Audio transcription comes in handy for preventing lost listeners due to the incomprehensibility of the content.

It’s easier than manual transcription to use a transcription software to conduct automated transcription. Whatsmore, including closed captions allows hard-of-hearing people to consume your content.

Transcribe Podcasts to Repurpose Your Content

Content is the lifeblood of your communications strategy. There are many ways in which to supply it to your audience; however, we wanted to research how podcast transcription can help in this process by repurposing your content.

Audio Files, Video Files and Text Files

An audio file is an important form of content. Especially because audio technology has become so sophisticated and businesses need to ensure they capitalize on audio’s vast potential. However, you shouldn’t forget about text-based content either. Why don’t you create both types of content with the effort of one?

Podcast transcription allows business owners to upload audio content to their websites. Then generate blog posts, show notes or even questionnaires from questions posed by podcast participants. Export in various file formats is possible with podcast transcripts such as txt, srt and word. You can even create videos by outputting transcripts as srt files.

Podcast transcriptions allows the user access to a larger library of the website content, blog posts, and reports. Podcast transcriptions offer endless possibilities for repurposing an audio interview into other key texts. Transcribe your podcasts in real-time, or record them beforehand. Export your transcripts into a google docs file and style it however you’d like.

Where to Include Podcast Transcriptions?

Podcast transcriptions should be included in podcasts episodes´ pages, in addition to their own pages, including links to the podcasts’ original episodes. Transcript collections should also exist for easy download.

This type of organization simplifies podcast transcriptions and allows readers to enjoy more than one podcast at a time.

How to Transcribe Podcasts?

There are multiple services that transcribe podcasts automatically like Temi, Trint and Descript. You can look into the features of these services to make a final decision on which one to use. Some of these services have integrations with programs like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. It’s possible to do other things with these tools such as voice typing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are two options here: you either transcribe your podcast manually (which will take much more time) or record the words coming out of your mouth by using automatic software, which will generate an instant transcript quote. If you feel like it would not be accurate enough; upload your own audios files and let working professionals prepare everything for you.

You may find this strange, but you can. The process is not only cheap and easy, but it also yields an abundance of new creative ideas. You can try one of these software by clicking the Transkriptor logo!

Transkriptor is a simple and quick alternative to the more sophisticated programs on the market allowing for faster and more accurate transcripts. Podcasts are a powerful medium of communicating information, whose popularity is on the rise, but it can be very expensive if you don’t have piles of cash lying around.

Along with creating standalone podcasts, organizations that want to reach broader audiences should consider transcribing their podcasts. Transcribing your podcast videos will make them more searchable and help boost your content on social media platforms.
In addition to being able to reach new audiences through transcripts, videos, infographics, and texts can help optimize content for search engines.

After converting the audio tracks to transcripts, you can use tools to turn them into full blog posts.

They can be used to create blog posts with keywords that you would also use for SEO purposes, promote the podcast on social media channels, and crosspost an episode on iTunes or elsewhere.

Spotify doesn’t have podcast transcriptions by default, though they started adding them for some of the podcasts. So, unfortunately, you need to create your own transcripts.

Podcast transcripts provide a wealth of information for SERP ranking. For a podcast to rank higher on search engine results pages, it should have a transcript accompanying the episode. The transcript of the podcast would have more data to scan and would therefore reach more searchers/potential listeners of that specific podcast.

Transkriptor is an app that transcribes your podcasts so you can read them at any time. You can easily use this tool to convert physical audio or video recordings into editable digital transcripts, with formatting options available.

Most podcasts nowadays are audio player-only. But one way to uncover transcripts of these podcasts is to ask for them individually at the website of the broadcaster or use any transcription service and make the transcription yourself.

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