How to Convert Audio to Text with Google Translate

Progress or status of the audio to text conversion in Google Translate

How to Use Google Translate to Convert Audio to Text on Desktop

If you want to use it without downloading any app, you can follow the steps below:

  • If you’re using a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer, open your web browser.
  • Then launch the Google Translate website. (You don’t have to sign into the site to access its features)
  • When the site opens, in the box on the left, choose the source language. This is the language that your audio is being played in.
  • In the box on the right, choose the language you want to translate your audio.
  • After you’ve selected both the source and target languages, click the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Allow your browser to access your computer’s microphone if it requests it.
  • Speak into your computer’s mic and Google Translate will translate your audio and display the result on your screen. To play the translated version, click the sound icon.

How to Use Google Translate to Convert Audio to Text on Android

Firstly, install the Google Translate app on Android. If you already have it installed, make sure it’s up to date. Follow the instructions below on your Android device in order to use the audio to text capability of Google Translate:

  • Open the Google Translate app on your Android device
  • On the home screen of the Google Translate app, click on the transcribe icon.
  • Google will inform you that using the Google Translate voice-to-text feature will allow Google to send the audio and transcription data to its servers. Click on ‘OK’ to proceed.
  • The app will prompt you to select the source language from the left-hand dropdown menu. Because the Google Translate app does not detect the language you will speak, you must select it.
  • Select the language you would like the text to appear in from the dropdown menu on the right.
  • Record the audio you’d like to transcribe and the app will convert it to text.

How to Use Google Translate to Convert Audio to Text on iPhone

To transcribe audio to text on iPhone using Google Transcribe, follow the steps below:

  • To get started, download the Google Translate app and install it on your iPhone. Once installed, open the app to proceed.
  • On the home screen of the Google Translate app, click on the transcribe icon.
  • Google will inform you that using the Google Translate voice-to-text feature will allow Google to send the audio and transcription data to its servers. Click on ‘OK’ to proceed.
  • Next, choose the source language from the list of available languages on the left.
  • Select the target language from the list of languages on the right to proceed.
  • Google Translate will automatically detect audio in the source language and then translate it to the target language.
Google Translation

What is Google Translate?

Google Translate is a free tool developed by Google that allows you to quickly translate sentences, documents, and even websites from one language to another. It is currently capable of translating over 100 billion words each day and delivers services in 109 different languages.

Does Google Translate Require Internet Access?

Google Translate is a language-translation tool that is utilized all over the world and can be accessed via a website, a mobile application, and several forms of software that do not require an active internet connection to function.

How Does Google Translate Work?

Google Translate re-arranges sentences and adjusts them piece by piece, attempting to include a specific translation that sounds like something a human would say. So, instead of giving rough translations, Google Translate tries to give translations that sound more like what a person would say. 

What can Google Translate do?

While it is primarily a tool for text translation, Google Translate can now be used for much more than just basic text translations. It is now commonly used for the following translation services and requirements:

Translates Written Text

The tool’s most common application allows for the translation of over 109 languages with near-perfect accuracy and many other languages with increasing accuracy.

Translates Entire Documents

It is possible to upload the document and have it translated in a far shorter amount of time using Google Translate, as opposed to having to translate the content line by line.

Translates Mobile Applications.

Users can take a foreign language application and translate it as best as possible in the required language by using a “Tap to Translate” feature.

Translates Imagery

Google Translate now has the capability to translate text that is embedded in an image, providing a translation that is as true to the original text as is currently possible in the target language.

Translates Audio Content

You can also use Google Translate to live-translate someone’s spoken words.

Is it Possible to Convert Audio to Text with Google Translate?

Yes, one of the capabilities of Google Translate is the ability to convert spoken language into written form. This is helpful since it prevents you from having to manually type out the content, which saves your time.

In Which Languages Can Google Translate Convert Speech to Text?

You can speak in up to ten languages and the app will transcribe your words using the Google Translate audio to text feature. The following are the languages:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Thai

Even though Google Translate can convert audio to text in ten languages, not everyone knows precisely how to transcribe using Google Translate. This article explains how to use Google Translate’s audio to text feature.

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