How to Convert Mp3 to Text? (Tutorial)

Convert MP3 to text in 2022

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Transkriptor is an online web application that converts MP3 to text. You can upload any media file and it will be converted to text in a few minutes for free.

The software understands the language of your input audio and transcribes it into written form. Transkriptor is a useful tool for those who want to convert their MP3 files into text or those who want to use a transcription service without paying a huge amount of money.

The process of transcribing an audio file with Transkriptor is as easy as 1-2-3. So now you don’t need to install any applications and you can convert your mp3s to text in just a few minutes and with zero human involvement. All you need is your microphone and internet connection, which are both available on just about any device these days.

You only need to follow these steps.

Step 0: If your audio file is not MP3 feel free to check our supported format on our support page.

If you have a different file format, you can convert your file to mp3 with any of the following online media conversion tools.


Convert mp3 to text with the following steps

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Convert mp3 to text with the following steps

  1. Sign up!

    The first step is to sign up for Transkriptor. After signing up, you will enter your trial account. Now you can convert mp3 to text for free!blank

  2. Secondly, go to your account section.

    Click on my account and you will see our services on your account page. Transkriptor offers three different transcription services these are: Transcription, Subtitle, and voice recognition. So you can convert Mp3 to text with any of our services and it is completely free to try!blank

  3. Click The Transcription Service You Need

    This will open a relevant service page where you can upload your MP3 file. First, pick the language you need. We support more than 30 languages.

  4. Click the “Upload File” button

    Click the “Upload File” button. Once you click upload you will see your documents from your computer or phone. Select the MP3 file you want to upload for transcription.

  5. Wait until the Transkriptor completes the task.

    Wait until the Transkriptor completes the task. It will take around half of the duration of your MP3 file. For example, if your audio file is 3 minutes long, Transkriptor will take up to 2 minutes to transcribe your audio file. If you were the audio file is 1 hour long, it will take around half an hour to transcribe your audio file. Transkriptor automatically extracts the audio from your MP3 file and converts it to the Text document .txt format. It’ll only take a few minutes so you can grab some coffee. Once your transcript is ready, you will receive an email that confirms your transcription has been completed

  6. Export your transcript.

    Once Transkriptor converts mp3 to text, you can download the transcript as a .txt file to your computer by clicking the relevant file symbol on the orders page.A guy who struggles to convert mp3 to text

What Tips Should I Keep in Mind?

When you convert mp3 to text, there are a few top tips to keep in mind. The first tip is to leverage a conversion software, like Transkriptor. Converting mp3 to text by hand can be a tedious process that can be completely bypassed by using a software program. Additionally, a software program can give you advanced features, such as multiple language conversions. This can be extremely beneficial depending on your target audience. Moreover, don’t get caught up in the quality of your mp3 file. A good transcription program can easily weed through the file to pull out important pieces.

The transcription software selection process can feel overwhelming at first, but there are a few different areas to look out for. When starting your analysis, make a list of key features you need to have included. This can help narrow down your search. Furthermore, don’t get caught up in the price. When it comes to quality transcription software, you get what you pay for. The cheapest option might not always be the best fit for your needs.

Next Steps

Passing the burden of manually converting mp3 to text not only frees up much-needed time in your busy schedule but also gives you access to innovative features. Finding the right transcription program is not difficult, especially when one stands out from the rest. Transkriptor has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals realize the full potential that converting mp3 to text can offer them. With top-of-the-line features all at an affordable price, Transkriptor is the right move for your business and individual needs. Reach out today to speak with one of our team members on the benefits and next steps.


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