How to Convert Audio to Text with Notability?

Accessing the audio to text conversion feature in Notability

What is Notability?

Notability is a note-taking application for iOS and Mac. The application allows note-taking and the annotation of PDF files.

Notability’s primary focus is on reading notes, with support for creating text notes or drawing pictures to go along with them. Notability also can sync between multiple devices, making it easy to access your notes from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Is it Possible to Convert Speech to Text in Notability Without Third Party Tools?

Speech-to-text functionality is not included in Notability. You should use a third-party transcription app for real-time conversion. You’ll need a third-party speech-to-text app like Otter, Transkriptor, or other alternatives such as Google Docs and OneNote to convert audio to text.

How to record audio with Notability?

There is a practical and simple-to-use audio recording tool in Notability.

If you want to record audio using Notability, follow these steps:

  • Download the app from Appstore
  • Open the app and create a new note
  • Recording audio with Notability:
    • Click the microphone icon at the right corner of the toolbar to start the audio recording.
    • There will be a timer and input meter to manage your audio file.
    • Click the microphone button to stop dictation.

What are the features of Notability audio recording?

Here are some valuable features of Notability audio recording:

  • Playback the recording
    • Click the downward icon under the microphone
    • Click the audio play button to start playback mode
  • Editing
    • Delete, split, and combine recordings
    • Rename recordings
  • Changing Tone of Voice
    • Tap the gear icon to adjust the tone of speech
  • Exporting notes with audio
    • You can share notes with audio as a zip or Notability file with other people.

What are the Advantages of Using Note-Taking Apps?

Here are some of the advantages of using note-taking apps:

  • Easily Organize and Find Crucial Information
  • You Can Access your Notes Whenever You Want
  • Easy to Export Information to Another Platform or Share it with Other People

How to Change Recognition Language for Handwriting Conversion at Notability?

Notability utilizes your device’s default language as a support language. You can follow these procedures to modify your language choices to convert handwriting:

Is Notability free?

Notability offers limited editing and templates with a free plan. With a Notability Plus annual subscription, you may access endless note-taking and premium material. Unlimited editing, Auto Backup support, and iCloud Sync are all available to subscribers.

What is the price of Notability Plus?

Prices can vary significantly depending on the region you are in. To learn more about price policy, download the free version from Appstore.

What are the advantages of Notability Plus?

Here is a list of essential features of Notability Plus:

  • Unlimited changes
  • iCloud Sync on several platforms
  • Auto-backup for reassurance
  • converting handwriting to text
  • Indexing and searching for handwriting
  • Conversion of mathematical equations into LaTeX 
  • Premium features, content, and more

Is Notability available on Android?

Notability is not available for Android and Microsoft devices. You can only use Notability on Apple devices.

Notability can be downloaded from Appstore on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 8.0 or later.

Frequently Asked Questions About Notability

Why is Notability not working?

If Notability’s features are not functioning correctly, there could be several causes. Notability listed the problems that users frequently complained about on the Notability website and explained how to fix them. You can reach the solutions to recently reported issues from here.

Does Notability have a planner?

There are different planners in Notability for other purposes. You can download and use them.
Notability includes the following plans:
Daily Planner – This planner organizes your daily tasks and helps you stay on track. It includes a weekly view, an hourly view, and a mini-planner (for quick notes).
Weekly Planner – This planner overviews your week and helps you plan for the upcoming week.
Yearly Planner – The yearly planner helps you manage your time, projects, and goals. It includes a monthly view and small-year views for each month.
Content Specific Planner – Research papers, term papers, and more!

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