Best Chrome Extensions to Convert Video to Text in 2023

Best Chrome Extensions to Convert Video to Text

Video to text Chrome extensions are often a convenient way to produce transcriptions. The main benefit of using a browser extension is that it saves you from using separate software.

But choosing the best extension depends on what video platform you plan to use and the type of transcription you need.

Here are the best Chrome extensions for converting English video to text in 2023.

Best Video to Text Chrome Extensions

1. YT Scribe

YT Scribe creates transcriptions of YouTube videos. After you install the extension, you’ll see a new button, See Transcript, below any YouTube video you click on.

Clicking on it will open a new browser window containing the text. It gives you a word count, a readability score, and different options for transcription types. One version is punctuated text, which uses AI to determine sentences.


  • Easy to use with YouTube.
  • Different options for the type of transcription you generate (including time-coded).
  • A readability score can help you if you plan to turn it into a text post.


  • Only works with English.
  • You can only download a .txt file.
  • You have to edit the transcript.

2. Scribbl Meet Transcripts

This video to text Chrome extension is specifically for Google Meets. Scribbl installs itself into Google Meets through your browser and automatically takes meeting notes. It also saves text chats to its file.

Scribbl generates the transcription file in Google Docs, which makes it easy to share with the other meeting participants. This saves you from having to take notes during the meeting itself. However, you’ll have to spend some time editing the file because its punctuation and speaker stamps can be inaccurate.


  • Automatically transcribes speech to text.
  • It also saves text chats from the meeting.
  • Google Docs transcription is easy to share.


  • Its punctuation isn’t reliable.
  • Transcriptions require editing because they can look messy.

3. CakeAI

CakeAI is a video to text Chrome extension that works with YouTube. As with YT Scribe, it adds a box to videos, allowing you to download a text file of the video’s speech. It opens in a separate window so you can adjust the settings.

It also works with a video’s subtitles. You can download the transcription as a .srt file or as .txt or CSV. You have more flexibility with the converted text than with YT Scribe. However, you’ll need to add your timestamps and speakers, which requires repeatedly rewatching the video.


  • Provides 3 different download options.
  • CSV provides an alternative to time-stamped transcriptions.
  • Easy to use.


  • There isn’t a default timestamped transcription option.
  • The text file still requires editing for punctuation and accuracy.

4. works with Google Meets to transcribe conversations into meeting notes. It’s also compatible with other meeting platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex. However, these don’t typically run through Chrome.

The transcript is saved into your account. Therefore it’s not as user-friendly as Scribbl, which creates your transcription directly in Google Docs.


  • Integrates with Google Calendar to automatically create appointments based on the transcription.
  • Easy to set up with Google Meets.
  • Works across multiple meeting platforms.


  • Transcription files could be more user-friendly.

5. Fireflies

Fireflies is a video to text Chrome extension aimed specifically at the professional market. It integrates into Google Meets, but you can also transcribe old screen recordings. Fireflies is compatible with Soapbox, Loom, and Bubbles.

However, it doesn’t just work with video. You can also use it for audio calls, including podcasting transcription and online meetings without video. Its transcriptions add timestamps and speakers, and you can download the text files from Fireflies’ website.


  • Generates transcripts that feature task detection, speakers, analytics, and more.
  • You can download the transcript as CSV, .docx, PDF, and more.
  • Produces text documents that contain punctuation.


  • Transcription files are not opened in a web browser window.

6. Transkriptor

Transkriptor is an entirely automatic audio-to-text and translation service. The Transkriptor is easy to use and can be utilized on multiple devices. Transkriptor provides Android and iPhone applications, Google Chrome extensions, and a web page service. You can transcribe your Zoom meeting, podcasts, or any video/audio file rapidly.


  • Generates transcripts in more than 40 language
  • Easy to use
  • Low cost


  • There is no human transcription service

What are the Drawbacks of Using Video to Text Chrome Extensions?

Using Chrome extensions to convert video to text has downsides. These include:

  • Extensions can use a lot of memory, causing your computer to slow down.
  • Most transcribe in real-time, which is less accurate than transcribing a recorded video.
  • You may be limited in the type of file the extension generates. Although a .txt file is usable, it’s not as convenient as a .docx, PDF, or Google Docs page.

An alternative is to use a traditional screen and audio recorder. Use this to record your meeting or class and upload the video file into a dedicated transcription platform. The benefit of using this method is that it’ll usually produce a more accurate transcription because it’s not doing it in real-time.

This isn’t an issue with a pre-recorded file, such as a YouTube video or podcast. For these, it’s often easier to just go straight to the transcription platform.

Frequently Asked Questions on Video to Text Chrome Extensions

Should I Use a Chrome Extension to Turn My Meeting to Text?

Converting video to text directly in your web browser is more convenient than using separate software. This is often the case when you need to transcribe an online meeting, although it’s also helpful for creating text files of YouTube videos.

Application board

Are Video to Text Extensions Accurate Enough?

Video to Text Chrome Extensions can be accurate, but real-time transcription yields a lower accuracy than pre-recorded videos.

Google chrome

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