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Elevate your transcription experience with top-tier video-to-text software in 2023

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Video to text software creates transcripts five times faster than doing it by hand. These tools help entrepreneurs, organizations, and other people who transcribe videos. Below will be the best video to text software on the market:

Many businesses use video as a primary tool for marketing. That’s because videos are everywhere on the internet, and people love to watch them. On average, more than 85% of internet users watch video content from any device, according to Statista .

What Are The Benefits Of A Video To Text Software?

English Video to text is a great tool that can benefit businesses in many ways. Some of the benefits are listed below.

  • It enables you to add captions to your video.
  • It helps you turn your video content to other formats like blogs
  • It makes your video content easier to be shared and quoted online
  • It makes your content easier to be translated
  • It makes your content more accessible

What Are the Best Video to Text Software Programs?

Here are the best video to text software programs that provide these benefits:

  • Transkriptor
  • Amberscript
  • Trint
  • Rev
  • Happyscribe
  • Descript


A video to text transcription program

Transkriptor is a new web application that provides automatic transcriptions cheaper than most other software. Since it is a web application, it works with just a few clicks without downloading any file. Transkriptor can transcribe prerecorded files in multiple formats like mp3, mp4, wav, WebM, etc. It transcribes video files in approximately half the time of the length of the uploaded file.

Transkriptor supports more than 100 languages and dialects, including English. It also can translate your video transcripts to any language you want.

Transkriptor has the speaker-separated transcription mode that recognizes different voices. It also has the tool to live transcribe the sound of your computer. Therefore you can transcribe meetings that involve multiple people.

Transkriptor has a free trial that includes 90 minutes of video transcription. After 90 minutes, you must purchase a paid version to continue using Transkriptor. However, relative to other transcription software programs, Transkriptor is cheaper for the value it provides based on accuracy and the number of minutes.


  • Records and Transcribes live in more than 100 languages
  • Searches and plays back recordings
  • Transcribes pre-recorded files
  • Exports text in multiple formats
  • Provides collaboration tools
  • Enables Speaker Identification
  • Creates Subtitles from Video
  • Mobile App available on Android and iOS devices
  • Text editing options
  • Creates folders to organize files
  • Shares transcripts
  • It plays back recordings in slow motion while editing
  • E-Mail Customer Support


Transkriptor is cheaper than most of its counterparts. It has three price packs that are Lite, Standard, and Premium

  1. Lite: $9.99 per month
    • 5 hours of transcription
  2. Standard: $14.99 per month
    • 20 hours of transcription
  3. Premium: $24.99 per month
    • 40 hours of transcription


Amberscript is a video transcriber

Amberscript is an audio and video to text software program that also provides manual transcription. It works in four steps:

  • Upload a video file from your computer
  • After the transcription, you will receive a transcript as an editable file.
  • Edit the text file to fix minor errors
  • Export the edited transcript

They transcribe files in approximately half the time of the uploaded video.

Amberscript also provides an API to automatize your uploads. Whatsmore, it can provide a customized model tailored for your needs.

It is a great tool to be used in transcribing academic research interviews. Amberscript transcription can be added to the workflow of universities and institutions.

It also has a feature to add captions or subtitles to enhance your video content. That way, your video content becomes SEO friendly.


  • Supports 39 languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, etc.
  • Supports multiple export formats such as TXT, JSON, SRT, VT, XML, Word, etc.
  • Distinctive speakers and Timestamps
  • It has a text editor
  • Supports multiple video formats like WMA, M4A, MP3, MP4, AAC, etc.


Amberscript has two pricing plans. One for single projects and one for regular users that want to subscribe.

  • Pre-paid package: US$ 8 for each video transcription or subtitle generation hour.
  • Subscription: $25 for 5 hours of transcription or subtitle generation per month


Trint transcribes videos

Trint is a web application. You don’t have to download a program to use it; transcribe online. With Trint, you can collaborate on your transcriptions with your team members. Trint uses two Technologies: Automated Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing. Their building and training of their model enable them to ramp up their accuracy to 99 percent.


  • No software download required
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and iOS
  • Has tools for collaborating on transcripts and distributing or sharing them
  • A mobile app that enables people to transcribe on the go
  • Enables export as multiple file formats
  • Provides higher accuracy compared to its counterparts
  • Highlights and marks text
  • Only supports English


Trint has three pricing tiers. The features you get depend on the price tier you select. It also has an annual option of 20% cheaper for the same value.

1. Starter Plan at $48/month
  • Transcribe seven files per month
  • Add customized vocabulary for specific or technical words
  • Access to the Trint editor
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Integration
  • Translate to 54 Languages
2. Advanced Plan at $60/month
  • Everything in the Starter Plan
  • Unlimited transcription
  • Collaborate on files in teams of up to 15 users
3. Enterprise Plan at Custom Rates
  • Everything in Advanced Plan
  • Realtime Live Transcription
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting
  • Onboarding and Training for Team Members

Rev transcribes videos

Rev is a transcription service that provides both automatic and human-made transcription. It takes 12 hours on average to deliver a transcription for files shorter than 30 minutes.


  • Adds video subtitles in eight languages
  • Adds real-time captions to online zoom webinars
  • An audio editor that trims and cuts files
  • Google Drive and Dropbox integration
  • Free iPhone Call Recorder
  • Native English-speaking experts for high accuracy human transcription
  • Captions that are compliant with FCC and ADA


Rev has five products. Here are the prices for the related services:

  • Human Transcription: Starting at $1.5 per minute
  • Automated Transcription: Staring at $0.25 per minute
  • English Closed Captions: Starting at $1.5 per minute
  • Global Translated Subtitles: Starting at $5 to 12 per minute
  • Zoom real-time Subtitles: $20 per host


Happyscribe transcribes videos

Happyscribe is a transcription service that doesn’t have a file size restriction. Like all other software programs, it also has speaker identification, timestamps, etc. It has a free trial to show potential users the quality level of their transcription.


  • No file size restriction
  • Supports a wide range of file formats both at upload and export
  • It supports more than 62 languages
  • Built-in text editor
  • Zapier and Youtube integrations (along with many more)
  • Speaker identification
  • Timestamps


Happyscribe has two services. Automatic transcription and subtitles, and human-made transcription and subtitles.

  • Automatic Transcription and Subtitles: $0.20 per minute
  • Human-Made Transcription And Subtitles: $1.95 per minute is a video transcription tool

Otter is an automatic transcription service that uses propriety AI technology. It is one of the best video to text software that has mobile apps in both Google Play Store and the App Store. It also has integrations with many online meeting and webinar programs such as Microsoft Teams Webex, Google Meet, and Zoom. That’s why it is one of the best web applications for teams to collaborate on transcripts.

Otter has a free plan that offers up to 600 minutes of transcription. However, it would be best if you got the Premium pack to transcribe a prerecorded file.


  • Integrations with Teams, Google Meet, Webex, and Zoom
  • Mobile apps available for any device
  • Easy and user-friendly collaboration features
  • Multiple export formats include mp3, txt, pdf, srt, etc.
  • TLS encryption that provides data security
  • Only Supports English


Otter’s pricing plan has three tiers: Basic, Pro, and Business.

  1. Basic: $0
    • Record and transcribe live
    • Highlight and add comments
  1. Pro: $8.33 per month
    • Everything in basic
    • Up to 6000 minutes per month
    • Otter Assistant that helps with live transcription for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet (limited trial)
    • Custom Vocabulary
  1. Business: $20 per user per month
    • Everything in pro
    • The full version of Otter Assistant
    • Prioritized Customer Support
    • Team Collaboration Features
    • Centralized Billing


Descript transcribes videos

Descript is a program with various tools like podcast editor, screen recorder, video editor, and transcriber. It has collaboration tools that make video editing and sharing data faster and easier. It allows you to share your finished products with a web link.

Since Descript uses the cloud, your projects are automatically synced and accessible from anywhere. However, you need to download a program to be able to use Descript.


  • High accuracy transcription made by humans (White-glove service)
  • Multiple tools in one platform that are easy to use and combine
  • A wide range of export options
  • Saves your files in different cloud platforms like Google, Dropbox, and OneDrive through Zapier
  • Creates audiograms for podcast highlights


  1. Free: up to 3 hours of transcription
    • Record and edit one Project
    • Unlimited screen recordings
  2. Creator: $12 per editor per month: Up to 10 hours of transcription
    • Everything is free
    • Watermark free video export
  3. Pro $24 per editor per month: Up to 30 hours of transcription
    • Everything in Creator
    • Filler words Pro: Finds and detects filler words and sounds like “Uh” and “You know.”
    • Audiograms Pro: Creates podcast snippets with customization options like changing the background or type font
  4. Enterprise: Custom Pricing
    • Everything in Pro
    • Onboarding and training for users
    • Centralized Billing

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Video to Text Software

What Is Video To Text Software?

Video to text software helps convert human speech into text. Video to text software programs uses speech recognition and neurolinguistic programming to comprehend spoken words and synthesize a text version of the material.

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How Do You Select The Best English Video To Text Software

It would help if you looked at factors like accuracy, turnaround time, cost, readability, ease of use, timestamps, privacy policies, and mobile accessibility.

A cameraperson that shoots videos to transcribe

Is There An App That Converts Video To Text in English for Free?

Yes, web applications like Speechnotes and Just Press Record can convert video to text for free.

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What’s The Best Way To Convert English Video To Text?

A paid service is the best option because free services are not as accurate as their paid counterparts.

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