Transcribe Wreally vs. Transkriptor: Which is Best?

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Transcribe vs. Transkriptor: The battle of transcription tools in the digital age.

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Deciding on the best transcription service for your needs can be difficult when most offer similar platforms. However, when choosing between Transcribe Wreally vs. Transkriptor, there are some key differences that can help.

Below, you’ll learn everything about the differences between Transcribe Wreally and Transkriptor.

What is Transcribe Wreally?

Transcribe Wreally is an automatic transcription platform for converting speech or audio into text. It also has a self transcription platform, which is essentially a media playback service that adds in some transcribing features. These include controlling playback using a foot pedal and direct dictation.

It offers these services through its website in 20 different languages. However, several are dialectical variations on common languages, and 17 are classified as experimental. These include Russian, Arabic, and Mandarin.

How is Transkriptor Different than Transcribe Wreally?

Transkriptor is an AI-led automatic transcription service provided through a website and mobile app. It doesn’t have a self-transcription option, but this is only really necessary if you’re a professional transcriber.

Transkriptor can currently also translate files into more than 100 languages. The files must be transcribed in their original language, but the text file can then be converted into any of the languages available on the website.

Transcribe Wreally vs. Transkriptor: How Do They Work?

Both services are pretty simple to use. There’s no point in explaining Transcribe Wreally’s self-transcription service, as it involves playing audio and typing out what you hear. Instead, here’s a brief rundown of how each platform’s automatic transcription service works.

How Transkriptor Works

To automatically transcribe audio to text on Transkriptor, you do the following:

  1. Log in to the website and upload your audio file.
  2. Allow the service to convert your audio, which should only take a few minutes. Of course, longer or larger files will take a bit more time.
  3. You’ll receive a notification when Transkriptor has finished converting your file. Log back into the website and complete your outstanding tasks.
  4. Use the site’s integrated editing tool to make minor changes, such as unclear words or speaker issues.
  5. Use the editing tool to add speakers and timestamps if needed.
  6. Download the finished text file in the format of your choice. These include TXT, SRT, and Word.

How Transcribe Wreally Works

The process for creating a text file on Transcribe Wreally is quite similar:

  1. Log in to the website and set up the automatic transcription. This includes selecting a language.
  2. Upload your audio file. It can be a maximum of 2GB or 5 hours in length.
  3. Once the file is converted, it’ll appear on the transcription page.
  4. From there, you can make any necessary edits, such as correcting words and speakers.
  5. Finally, download the file in your chosen text format.

Transcribe Wreally vs. Transkriptor: Pricing

When using a transcription service, pricing is obviously an important factor. Here’s how pricing structures compare for Transcribe Wreally vs. Transkriptor.

Transcribe Wreally’s automatic service is $20 a year plus $6 an hour. In short, this means you pay $20 regardless of whether you actually transcribe anything, although this does give you access to the self transcription service too.

The $6 an hour price includes automatic speaker identification and timestamps, and a turnaround of less than 1 hour per file (providing it’s below the maximum file size). Transcribe Wreally also offers group licenses and custom plans, but you have to contact them directly for a quote.

Transkriptor offers 3 price levels. The cheapest is $9.99 a month, followed by $14.99 and $24.99 a year. The Lite level includes 5 hours of transcription a month, which increases to 20 and 40 hours a month for the higher levels. You can also pay for these monthly, but the annual price essentially gives you a 2-month discount.

Transkriptor also offers team plans, which start at $30 a month per member. This includes 50 hours of transcription per person. You’ll also find a custom option, but this is quoted on request.

Transcribe Wreally vs. Transkriptor: Which Price is Better?

Once you start looking at hourly rates for transcription, it can be a bit confusing to work out the most appropriate price. But look at it this way:

Transkriptor’s Lite level includes 5 hours a month, which is 60 hours a year, for $99.90. Transcribe Wreally has a subscription cost of $20 a year, and 60 hours a month at its price would be $360. As such, its total would be $380 a year for effectively the same service. This is significantly more expensive than Transkriptor’s highest level, which offers 40 hours a month.

Transcribe Wreally vs. Transkriptor: Accuracy

Automatic transcription services use AI to turn speech into text, and no service is 100% accurate. Transcribe Wreally claims to have an accuracy of up to 90%, although it could probably be slightly higher if the file is good quality.

Transkriptor claims to have between 80 and 99% accuracy. Again, this is based on factors such as audio quality and the strength of any speakers’ accents. 99% accuracy is about the most you can expect from an AI-driven platform.

Transcribe Wreally vs. Transkriptor: File Types

Flexibility of file types is important for ease of use when uploading audio and downloading text. Transcribe Wreally supports a wide range of audio files, as does Transkriptor. For text files, both offer .doc, TXT and SRT.

Final Thoughts on Transcribe Wreally vs. Transkriptor

It’s ultimately impossible to decide which platform is better for your needs. However, in the debate of Transcribe Wreally vs. Transkriptor, going on price alone, Transkriptor is the better option . Add to this its higher accuracy and flexible access options, and it’s potentially the better platform to use.

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