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Choosing the right tool: Inqscribe or Transkriptor? Discover the best fit for your transcription needs

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What is InqScribe?

InqScribe is a transcription service that makes audio and video transcription. Timecodes are a helpful feature. InqScribe works only on Mac and Windows-type computers. It also includes definitions of common transcription terms.

How to use InqScribe?

It is not a web page or mobile app. InqScribe is transcription software that allows users to do transcription. To create audio or video transcription with InqScribe, follow these steps:

  • Download the version based on your computer
  • Open the web application of InqScribe
  • Upload media from your device

For other services, get a license to use the software. If you want to try the other service before paying anything, you have a 14-day free trial for only one time.

How much does InqScribe cost?

Free Version:

Downloading InqScribe is free but does not include significant features. These are:

  • Saving documents
  • Export transcripts
  • Print transcripts

14-Day Trial:

To access advanced options of InqScribe, you can try the 14-day free transcription only once.

Unlock all the features permanently. Price: 90 $

Paid versions provide unlimited subscriptions. However, some upgrades may require a small upgrade fee.


There are two types of discounts available. These are quantity and education discounts. Discount rates change depending on the type and number of licenses.

What are the features of InqScribe?

Here are some of the features of InqScribe:

  • Suitable to use a USB foot pedal to control media playback while transcribing
  • Audio player with variable speed playback
  • Supporting standard digital audio and video types such as AIFF, WAV, AAC, and MP3 audio
  • Transcription editor that is useful to improve the transcription process
  • Mouse-free transcription with keyboard layouts.
  • InqScribe is suitable for typists.

How to use Transkriptor?

Transkriptor provides a high-quality, accurate transcription solution with speech recognition technology. Furthermore, you can transcribe interviews, audio notes, lectures, speeches, zoom meetings, podcasts, and any recorded speech into searchable text documents. It provides a searchable text editor that you can use to edit the transcripted text.

How much does Transkriptor cost?

Transkriptor is an online transcription service that makes it easier to get your recorded interviews, lectures, or meetings transcribed. Also, Transkriptor offers a variety of subscription packages to suit any budget and need.

Monthly plans for individuals:

Lite plan:

$9.99 consists of 5 hours

Standard Plan:

$14.99 consists of 20 hours

Premium Plan:

$24.99 consists of 40 hours

Monthly Plan for teams:

Plan for Businesses:

$30 consists of 50 hours ( for one member)

Transkriptor provides custom solutions based on the needs of your company.

What are the best features of Transkriptor?

Transkriptor is an ai transcription platform. The following is a list of some essential features of Transkriptor:

  • Apps on iPad, iPhone, and android devices.
  • Dictate and record your words to convert speech to text
  • Creating foreign subtitles with a translation feature
  • Upload via link without effort
  • Exports and shares files in multiple formats such as TXT, Microsoft word, or SRT files
  • Share and collaborate with your teammates with integrated applications
  • Automatic timestamps

Is Transkriptor Better than InqScribe?

Transkriptor and InqScribe are two different types of AI writing assistants. Here is a comparison of these two services from various angles:


Transkriptor provides a dictation function that is an audio recording mechanism without third-party apps. On the other hand, InqScribe did not have real-time transcription, which means a dictation feature. InqScribe only transcribes uploaded audio/video files.

Listening anywhere with integrated service:

Transkriptor is a transcription tool designed to be used on an IOS or Android device. In addition, Transkriptor can transcribe voice recordings in real-time and save the file in any format.

Offline Service:

InqScribe offers an offline mode that enables users to work on files without having an internet connection or Wi-Fi access.

Keyboard shortcuts:

InqScribe offers customizable keyboard hotkeys that you can use without taking your hand off the keyboard. This makes playing audio files and manual transcription more manageable and efficient.

Playback Speed:

Changing playback speed is available for both Inqscribe and Transkriptor.

Functional User Interface:

Transkriptor has a practical design in its app and website that anyone can use without practice. On the other hand, InqScribe has more complex setting options.

Different Languages:

Both Transkriptor and Inqscribe have numerous other language options.


The translation feature of Transkriptor provides the creation of foreign subtitle text with text transcription in various language options.

Automated Service:

Some transcription companies provide manual transcription services with real transcriptionists. This method may give mostly high-quality outputs but turnaround times increase by weeks. Ai-powered transcription services have fast turnarounds.

Customer support:

Transkriptor provides online help to customers with technical and non-technical requests.

Upload Options:

The uploading options on Transkritor are more diverse. For automatic transcription, you can either upload your file from your device or use the links provided by YouTube or cloud-based tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. InqScribe limited uploading of docs from the device.

Overall, Transkriptor is more cost-effective and user-friendly. Transkriptor is more automated and easy to use. InqScribe is appropriate for individuals or businesses looking to improve manual transcription processes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Transkriptor vs. InqScribe?

Several factors influence which transcription software is the best. The following is a list of some essential features of the transcription tool:
Voice recognition technology: The quality of the result is affected by voice recognition technology.
Background Noise Removal: Background noises and audio quality affect the transcription process. The voice-to-text technology must produce accurate audio transcriptions without being influenced by external voices.
Pricing: Your budget and membership models are customized to your required features. Most transcription software includes free versions or trials that you can use to try out the program.
Ease of Use: Easy platforms save you time and money. You can concentrate on your content besides searching settings.

Express Scribe, Happy Scribe, Otter, Descript, Sonix, GoTranscript, Temi, Trint, and Rev are some alternatives to Transkriptor and InqScribe. The pricing and rankings of the alternatives change depending on the hours of audio, language options, and additional customer services.

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