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Discover their capabilities, strengths, and differences GoTranscript vs. Transkriptor

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While looking for a transcription service , you’ll likely come across GoTranscript and Transkriptor. GoTranscript and Transkriptor are big names in the transcription service industry. They are efficient, reliable, and used by individuals and businesses worldwide.

However, before choosing any of the two platforms, it’s best you compare. Which can serve you well, has the best features, and is more affordable and efficient? Below, is a comparison to help ensure you select the best transcription service.

GoTranscript is a Transcription service

GoTranscript vs. Transkriptor: Who needs their services?

Journalists, academics, audio, and video podcasters can leverage both GoTranscript and Transkriptor for their transcription or translation needs. They are also used by professionals or students who want to transcribe meetings, lectures, interviews, etc.

What is GoTranscript?

GoTranscript is a UK-based company that offers human-based transcription and translation services. They don’t rely solely on AI, making them ideal for those looking for human-based transcription solutions.

In addition to transcription, GoTranscript also offers subtitling and captioning services. So far, they have transcribed over 144 million minutes of audio for many individuals globally.  What’s more, prominent companies like Forbes, TechCo, and The Huffington use them for their transcription needs.

GoTranscript Features

Before choosing GoTranscript as your go-to transcription service, it’s best you understand its features. Then, you can determine if it’s the best fit for you or not.

Here are a few features of GoTranscript.

  • Verbatim transcription service
  • 99.9% guaranteed
  • Audio time stamping and coding
  • Offers audio, video, and multilingual transcription services
  • Strong accent transcription
  • File sharing

GoTranscript claims to offer excellent transcription services. However, if you aren’t satisfied with the quality of their transcription, you can always ask for a refund.

GoTranscript Pros and Cons

After familiarizing yourself with GoTranscript’s features, what next? To determine the best between GoTranscript vs. Transkriptor, you may want to compare their pros and cons.

Here are some pros of using GoTranscript transcribing services.


  • Has professional human transcribers
  • Transcribes audio/video in over 60 languages
  • Offers loyalty programs
  • Quick turnaround


  • Lacks automation
  • It has a complicated pricing arrangement
  • Multiple extra costs

GoTranscript pricing and fee

The starting price for GoTranscript transcription is $0.77 per minute for a five-day service. This price applies to bulk orders. And it depends on the length of what you wish to transcribe and the turnaround times.

How to use GoTranscript?

GoTranscript operates like an online marketplace. First, they find individuals in need of transcription services. Then, like a middleman, they assign the transcription task to transcribers who transcribe the audio files.

Here is a step-to-step process of how GoTranscript works.

  • You upload the audio file you want to transcribe to GoTranscript
  • GoTranscript splits the files into smaller clips (5-10 minutes). Afterward, they share the work with professional freelancers to transcribe.
  • Freelance transcribers work on short audio. They convert it into text using GoTranscript’s transcription tool.
  • Freelance editor’s review and rate each transcript to ensure promote quality.
  • The completed transcripts are assembled and delivered to you.

What is Transkriptor?

Transkriptor is an online transcription tool that uses AI to transcribe audio and video files. It’s automatic, making it ideal for individuals looking to transcribe meetings, seminars, etc., for documentation purposes.

This tool is powered by an AI algorithm and has an impressive accuracy of 99%. What’s more, you can use it to transcribe pre-recorded files in different formats like mp3, mp4, and even wav.

Transkriptor transcribes audio or texts within a few minutes—a feature many competitors lack. It also has an editor to promote transcription accuracy.

Transkriptor Features

Here are some best features of Transkriptor.

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive editor to minimize errors
  • Transcribes audio or video automatically
  • Impressive accuracy of 99%
  • Language recognition
  • Supports formats like mp3, mp4, and wav


  • Very little correction is needed
  • Offers fast transcription
  • Transcribes meetings, interviews, lectures, etc., in multiple languages
  • User-friendly interface


  • Deletes unused minutes every month.

How to use Transkriptor?

Transkriptor is easy to use. Simply upload the file you want to transcribe. The tool will then convert the audio file into text. When the process is finished, you’ll receive a notification.

If you aren’t satisfied with the result, you can always edit it on the platform using the editing tool. With this tool, you can add speakers and timestamps. When done, download the text file in your preferred format.

How much does Transkriptor cost?

Here are the different pricing options of Transkriptor:

For individuals:

Lite Plan: Costs $9.99. Consists of 5 hours

Standard Plan: Costs $14.99. Consists of 20 hours

Premium Plan: Costs $24.99. Consists of 40 hours

For teams:

Plan for Businesses: Costs $30. Consists of 50 hours (one member)

Plan for enterprises: Custom packages as per your need

GoTranscript vs. Transkriptor: Which is better?

While GoTranscript has a few attractive features, Transkriptor is the better option. First, Transkriptor provides translation services in over 100 languages, compared to GoTranscript (60 languages). This makes Transkriptor suitable for multilingual individuals and businesses with employees worldwide.

What’s more, Transkriptor transcribes audio and videos automatically. All you have to do is upload the file, and Transkriptor does the rest. GoTranscript doesn’t work that way. Instead, your files go through many processes, thus increasing the turnaround time.

Speaking of turnaround time, while Transkriptor translates audio into texts in a few minutes, it takes 4 to transcribe an hour of video with GoTranscript.

GoTranscript vs. Transkriptor: Frequently Asked Questions

Both GoTranscript and Transkriptor boast an impressive accuracy rate of 99%. However, Transkriptor offers an intuitive editor to reduce errors and boost user satisfaction.


Of course, it may be difficult to determine the ideal transcription service for your specific needs. However, while reviewing GoTranscript vs. Transkriptor, it remains clear that Transkriptor has the edge. This is quite evident in its fast turnaround time, automatic transcription, and user-friendliness.

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