How to Convert Video to Text With Google

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Use Google's advanced tools to effortlessly convert video content into textual format

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Why Should You Convert Your Video into Text With Google?

  • Converting video to text with google is a cost-efficient and easy way to get a transcription for your video quickly.
  • Converting your media to reach different audiences can seriously impact the growth of your video.
  • Having versatility increases the chances of more people discovering your content.

No matter your reason, converting your video to text can be a great way to expand your video’s reach and allow it to be used in all forms of media.

Read this article below to learn how to convert your video into text with Google in two ways!

What are Ways to Convert Video to Text Using Google?

Google has two free ways to transcribe your video to text. You’ve been convinced that converting your video into text is a viable option for you using Google’s transcription features. Below are some steps to help you go through the process with ease.

1. What is Google Docs Voice Typing ?

Google’s user-friendly tool is suitable to use during

  • Video conferences
  • Live video calls
  • Meetings
  • Lectures

Google Voice Typing can be used to create

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Transcriptions
  • Captions
  • Social media posts

Voice typing technology takes audio from your video to transcribe your words and phrases in real-time.

A tool to convert video to text with google

What are the Benefits of Google Voice Typing?

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • No software download required
  • Can be shared among several users
  • Available in 40 languages
  • Can output files in Microsoft Word (.docx), OpenDocument Format (.odt), Rich Text Format (.rtf), PDF Document (.pdf), Plain text (.txt), Web page (.html, zipped), and EPUB publication (.epub).

How to Use Google’s Voice Typing

  1. Sign into your Google account to create a  Google Docs document.
  2. Navigate to the top menu to access “Tools”
  3. Click on “Voice Typing”
  4. Select preferred language
  5. And select “click to speak” on the black microphone icon to begin your transcription!
  6. To stop the transcription, click on the red microphone icon.
  7. Make edits and changes as necessary

What are the Drawbacks of Google Voice Typing?:

  • If you switch tabs after starting the transcription, it will stop transcribing. Therefore, if you make a mistake when dealing with live videos or recordings, you won’t be able to go back and re-transcribe.
  • Google voice typing yields a low accuracy when the audio recording has background noise.
  • Google voice typing won’t correct grammatical errors

2: What is Google Live Transcribe ?

Another fantastic option for your transcription in a fast and easy way is Google’s live transcribe option. This option is perfect for on the go, as it is an Andriod app for you to transcribe live video to text.

What are the Benefits of Google Live Transcribe?

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for on the go
  • Can be used offline

Google live transcribe is super simple and easy to transcribe your videos! To learn how to use it, follow the steps below.

How To Use Google Live Transcribe:

  1. Install the Google Live Transcribe & Sound Notification app on Google Play
  2. Open the app
  3. Record the video sound near the microphone on the app
  4. Read the transcription and make edits as necessary

That’s it! Google’s Live Transcribe app can hold texts from recordings for up to three days. To further preserve the text, copy and paste the transcription to Google Docs or any other document and save it from there.

What are the Drawbacks of Google Live Transcribe?:

  • Only available on Android
  • Can store transcriptions for just 3 days
  • Has 8 languages available

Now you are ready to convert video to text using Google’s voice typing and Live Transcribe features. Although sometimes it can be worth it to invest in transcription services that perhaps can offer more features, Google already offers two easy-to-use and free video to text options for you to use. If you want higher accuracy in transcription, you may want to check out paid transcription services like . Otherwise, take advantage of the free and basic options available through Google!

Frequently Asked Questions About Converting Video to Text Using Google

Is Google transcribe free?

Yes, Google Docs Voice Transcribe is free and user-friendly, but it lacks accuracy.

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