How To Convert Voice to Text in Telegram

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Learn how to convert your Telegram voice messages to text.

Transkriptor 2022-08-11

It is possible to convert English voice to text in telegram using a transcription bot like Voicybot and transcriber_bot. Here are the steps on how you can do it:

How to Convert Voice to Text in Telegram in 5 Steps

Time needed: 10 minutes

  1. Install or Update Telegram

    Install the newest version of Telegram from Google Play or the App Store

  2. Press the search button and search for the bot

    Find the magnifying glass icon and press on it. Then write the name of the bot you want to use. You can use VoicyBot or transciber_bot

  3. Press the microphone and record your message

    The bot will transcribe your message in a few minutes.

  4. Edit the mistakes in the text

    The bot enables you to correct the mistakes within the text. You can correct the punctuation and fix the typos before sending it out.

  5. Copy the message and paste it to the chat you need to send the message

    After you have edited the text, you have to copy and paste it wherever you want

What is Telegram?

Telegram is an instant messaging app used on mobile and desktop devices. It has numerous advantages as opposed to other messaging apps. For instance, it is possible to convert voice to text. Some other examples include:

  • Unlimited file sharing
  • Complete portability thanks to cloud-based storage
  • Web and mobile accessibility
  • Bots that can be used for automated actions
Telegram is a social media app

What are Telegram Bots?

Unlike other messaging apps, telegram supports a variety of bots that can perform automated actions. These bots can be activated with a few clicks. Some examples of great telegram bots include

  • Alertbot : A bot that creates simple alerts and reminders
  • FBVidzBot : A bot that downloads Facebook videos
  • memeautobot : A bot that generates memes with speed
  • TweetItBot : A bot that tweets from inside the Telegram app
  • Voicybot and transcriber_bot : Bots that can convert your voice messages into text
You can convert video to text in telegram

Frequently Asked Questions About Converting Voice to Text in Telegram

Telegram encrypts all the chats, but the end-to-end encryption is only the “Secret Chats” feature.
In addition, Telegram does not require its users to give out their phone numbers. It is possible to create a Telegram username to be found by people and keep your phone number private.

Telegram sends your voice files to a bot. The transcriber bot then takes your voice files, comprehends the words, and turns them into text.

Yes, Telegram is %100 free to use.

Telegram can be used from any device.

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