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Using a pen and paper to record someone’s words is tedious. For many years, stenographers, scientists, business people, and more have needed to spend many hours transcribing speech into text by hand. However, you can instantly convert voice to text using a computer program with automatic transcription software.

Using automatic transcription software to convert voice into text has the power to change your business. Voice to text conversion software is automatic, easy to use, and affordable. This article dives into how you can take advantage of automatic voice-to-text software to easily convert your speech into a typed manuscript. We will discuss what exactly this revolutionary technology is, the benefits of using software to convert voice to text, and who this technology can best serve.

What is Automatic Voice to Text Technology?

Automatic speech-to-text technology uses the latest artificial intelligence programs to convert voice to text automatically. The idea for this field came about in the 1950s with the advent of computers. However, it is only in the last few decades that new technology has allowed users to convert voice to text accurately. Usually, automatic voice to text technology can be accessed through either a mobile app or a web-based computer program.

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Benefits of Voice to Text Over Manual Transcription

Anyone who has previously typed speech into text by hand will benefit from using automatic software to convert voice to text. Automatic voice-to-text conversion is faster, better for productivity, and more convenient than transcribing with a pen and paper or even by typing manually.

Voice to Text is Instant

Automatic speech-to-text software can convert voice to text almost instantly. Manual transcription by either pen and paper or computer can take hours to complete. The fast pace at which people speak in meetings and other settings is often too fast to transcribe by hand.

Voice to text conversion software uses its AI technology to instantly spit out an accurate transcript of everything you said. This is much faster than any sort of manual transcription. Even if the automatic software makes mistakes, going back and editing them is still much faster than manually transcribing speech from scratch.

Voice to Text is a Productivity Booster

Because software used to convert voice to text is instant. It can free you from having to spend hours working on manual transcription. If you previously had to go back after an event to listen to a recording and manually transcribe it, you know how much valuable time this process eats up. Simply having the voice-to-text converter open during a meeting means you no longer need to do this. Using automatic software to convert voice to text lets you and your employees spend more time making a profit and engaging in productive activities.

Voice to Text is Convenient

The beauty of using an automatic program to convert voice to text is that it can be done anywhere. Manual transcription requires a quiet space to listen to a recording and transcribe it by hand. In today’s busy environment, you may not have the time or energy to seek out such a space. Automatic speech-to-text software provides a more convenient option. Even if no wifi connection is present, many speech to text programs offer a mobile app. This app can be accessed from anywhere in the world and does not require using a bulky laptop or carrying around a pen and paper.

Who Can Benefit From Switching to Automatic Speech to text Software


Students can save hours by using automatic transcription software to convert voice to text. Although many students favor typing by hand over using a pen and paper, this can still be a long process. Humans tend to speak much faster than they can type. This means you could save hours writing your next essay by simply speaking the words into an automatic transcription service and having it type for you. You can also record in-class lectures using your smartphone and instantly receive a written copy of the professor’s words. This can be a great study tool.


Businesspeople who attend conferences or meetings can benefit from using automatic transcription software to convert voice to text to record meetings and conferences. Meetings can be instantly transcribed and sent out anywhere in the world. Conference panels that one wishes to remember can be recorded word for word and easily read by anyone. Because automatic speech-to-text technology supports multiple languages, even large multinational companies can easily record and send out company-wide memos.


How does Voice to Text Technology Work?

When you speak into your device, the technology uses speech recognition software to listen to your voice. The software looks for unique patterns in soundwaves that it has been told mean certain words. In order to do this, the AI breaks down your speech into tiny fragments lasting only thousandths of a second. Then, the software analyzes each soundwave for word patterns before converting any recognizable patterns into words.
Because voice-to-text converters rely on artificial intelligence to convert voice to text, the technology can be taught new patterns and sound waves. This can be coupled with a “speaker-independent model” to listen to new accents and dialects effectively. The software can learn how to use context clues to tell when punctuation should be placed. The AI can also look at surrounding words to decide which version of a word to use. This is important when you speak a word that sounds similar to another and may have more than one spelling.Someone who converts voice to text

How Do You Take Advantage of this Technology?

To save time, money, and effort converting voice to text, consider a transcription service like Transkriptor. Transkriptor is an automatic transcription service that offers a range of both paid and free options. Transkriptor’s AI can listen to multiple speakers and accents and automatically transcribe speech into dozens of languages. Transkriptor also offers easy manuscript editing after recording. This makes Transkriptor one of the most flexible tools on the market.


With automatic technology that can convert voice to text, there is no longer a need for manual transcription using pen and paper. Automatic speech-to-text software uses the latest AI technology to convert voice to text instantly. This technology is faster, more convenient, and boosts productivity compared to manual transcription. Everyone from students to business people can take advantage of a program to convert voice to text by using a program like Transkriptor. To try Transkriptor’s free trial, visit their website today.