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Turn your voice into written words with speech to text app.

Transkriptor 2022-04-13

Automatic transcription services have the power to change your business’ output and efficiency. People from students to doctors have found great benefits in using a service that uses the latest AI technology to automatically turn their speech into text. However, not all speech-to-text software is the same.

One drawback of some automatic transcription services is that they require a laptop or PC with a stable internet connection. This means that they often lack the flexibility required in the modern workplace.

Speech to text apps provide a flexible solution to these problems. You can use an app to get all of the features of an automatic transcription service with added benefits in flexibility, time, and money. In this article, we discuss how using an app can have significant benefits for your company, as well as who can benefit from this technology.

What is a Speech to Text App

Speech to text apps is one of two main ways to access automatic transcription software. In the past, people looking to access automatic transcription services have had to use a computer running an online program. These services are known as “web-based services.” Web-based services require a stable internet connection and often take some time to load. In addition, they are limited to the web. This means that computer-based transcription programs are only available under certain conditions.

A speech to text app is a version of an automatic transcription service that can be accessed from your mobile phone. Transcription apps give you easy access to the same web-based automatic transcription software from the comfort of your smartphone. An app is accessed by simply downloading an app on your smartphone from the app store. These apps provide all of the services of a web-based transcription service in your pocket.

Advantages of Using a Speech to Text App

Record Audio Anywhere

The main advantage of using an app is that you can convert speech files into text anywhere. All that you need to turn speech into text with an app is your mobile phone. Today, the average person has their phone with them almost 100% of the time. So as long as you have the app downloaded on your phone, you can get an instant and accurate transcription of your speech.

Speech to Text Apps are Instant

One advantage of using an app is that it can instantly transcribe your audio. When you speak audio into an app, it never takes more than a few minutes to give you back a transcription of everything that you said.

People today are busier than ever and do not have time to wait around for slower transcription. Using an app can save yourself and your company hours.

With an app, your transcription can easily be copied and pasted from your mobile app into texts, emails, or social media posts. The same is true for editing your transcription. Using an app lets you easily touch the screen and use your mobile device’s keyboard to edit transcribed text.

Speech to Text Apps are Inexpensive

No matter what your budget is, there is an app for you. Because automatic transcription services have become increasingly popular, there is high demand for inexpensive transcription services. This has driven down the prices of speech to text apps. Today, you can easily find a free app. Even paid apps often include a free trial.

Speech to Text Apps Provide Language and Dialect Support

An app can often turn your speech into many different languages at the push of a button. By simply speaking into your phone in your native language, you can instantly get a transcription that anyone in the world can understand.

A speech-to-text app can also come in handy because of dialect support. It can be difficult to understand individual accents in today’s global society. Speech to text apps can cut through accents and deliver an effective transcription no matter how many different accents or dialects are present in the recording.

Who Can Benefit From a Speech to Text App

Business people

Using an app can allow a businessperson to instantly receive a written transcript of a meeting or conference. This is great for business people who frequently travel to conferences. With an app, you no longer have to pull out your laptop and figure out how to operate your transcription service.

If you have colleagues who speak a different native language than yourself, you can use an app to give them a written transcription of any important memos in their preferred language. This is especially important for large multinational corporations.


Speech to text apps allow journalists to get written transcriptions of interviews and other audio instantly from anywhere in the field. This is very important for journalists who do not have easy access to a stable laptop setup while working.


There is many speech to text apps on the market, so choosing the best one for you can be difficult. When choosing an app, you want to look at features, support, and security.
Transkriptor offers an app with great support and a free trial. With Transkriptor’s secure app, you get all the benefits of a web-based transcription service in the palm of your hand. This includes easy editing and support for multiple languages. Transkriptor also provides a range of paid and free options that are perfect for any budget.

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An app like Transkriptor uses AI technology. This program is trained to listen to your speech and then break it down into tiny digital fragments. The AI then identifies the differences between similar-sounding words using context clues. Finally, the app puts your speech together in written text in the language of your choice.

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To use an app, download it from your app store of choice. Next, you will likely have to create an account and choose either a paid or free option. Then, simply start the software and speak away. The app will automatically transcribe your text. After you are finished speaking, you can choose whether to edit the transcribed text. Finally, you can save the files for easy export.

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Using an app can save your company time, money, and effort. Speech-to-text apps transcribe text instantly. Because they are available on mobile platforms, anyone can transcribe speech instantly with ease. Speech-to-text apps are incredibly useful for medical professionals, people in business, journalists, and more. An app with a free trial and extraordinary support like Transkriptor can revolutionize how you transcribe audio.

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