Maestra vs. Transkriptor: Choosing the Best Service

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Maestra vs. Transkriptor: find your best transcription fit.

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Transkriptor vs Maestra Suite

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Choosing the best transcription service for your needs depends on price, ease of use, and flexibility. You can compare the services of Maestra vs. Transkriptor to understand why these differences are important.

Below, you’ll learn about choosing the best transcription service by comparing Maestra vs. Transkriptor.


Maestra vs. Transkriptor: What Are They?

Both Maestra and Transkriptor are automatic transcription services, but here’s a more in-depth breakdown of what each offers.


Maestra is a speech to text platform that transcribes, translates, and creates voiceovers. It includes:

  • Automatic transcription of video and audio files
  • Subtitle generation for videos
  • Translation into more than 50 languages
  • Video dubbing and voiceover in more than 30 languages

Maestra is suitable for YouTube videos, podcast transcripts, lecture notes, meeting minutes, and more. It offers specific products for podcast transcript generation, but this counts as standard transcription.


Transkriptor uses an AI-driven platform to automatically convert speech to text. As with Maestra, you can upload video or audio files and convert them into text. Transkriptor’s services include:

  • Web-based transcription and editing platform
  • Smartphone app
  • Transcription for podcasts, videos, etc.
  • Subtitle generation
  • Translation into numerous languages

The service is useful for lecture notes, meeting minutes, YouTube videos, and more. Rather than offering different platforms for each, you simply use the main transcription service for all.

Maestra vs. Transkriptor: How They Work

When choosing the best speech to text platform, you should consider usability. There’s no need for it to be a difficult process, so here is how Maestra vs. Transkriptor compare in usability.

Transkriptor: How it Works

Transkriptor is a simple, web-based service for converting speech to text. All you need to do is the following:

  1. Upload your video or audio file.
  2. Wait for the service to convert it into text. This should only take a few minutes.
  3. Read through the file and make any required amendments.
  4. Once you’re happy with the file, download it in your chosen file format.

Maestra: How it Works

Maestra also uses a web-based platform. As such, the service is very similar to Transkriptor. The process is as follows:

  1. Upload your file by dragging it into the window or selecting it from your computer.
  2. Allow the service to transcribe your file, which should be done in a few minutes.
  3. Edit the file as required, such as correcting unclear words or improving speaker breaks.
  4. Download the text file in your chosen format.

Maestra vs. Transkriptor: Which is Easier to Use?

Both services convert speech to text in almost identical ways. They’re both web-based and both have a built-in editing platform. Also, Maestra and Transkriptor support the same file formats, for both uploading and downloading.

Maestra vs. Transkriptor: Pricing

After deciding which service offers better usability, the next thing to check is pricing. Cost should be balanced against usability, as sometimes it’s worth paying more for a service that offers better features. So, here’s a breakdown of Maestra vs. Transkriptor in terms of pricing.

Maestra Pricing

Maestra offers 3 levels of pricing. These are:

  • Pay as you go: $10 an hour
  • Subscription: annual or monthly payments, plus $5 an hour
  • Enterprise: priced on contact

The subscription price for Maestra is $19 a year or $29 a month per user. There’s no limit to how many users you can have on this level, but Maestra states it’s for teams rather than whole organizations.

Transkriptor Pricing

Transkriptor offers more price levels, but the structure is simpler. They are:

  • Lite: $99.90 a year (5 hours/month)
  • Standard: $149.90 (20 hours/month)
  • Premium: $249.90 (40 hours/month)
  • Business: $30 a month per user (50 hours/month)
  • Custom: priced on contact

This pricing structure is simpler because it’s not pay-as-you-go, and there isn’t a subscription and hourly payment.

Maestra vs. Transkriptor: Which Price is Better?

Choosing between Maestra vs. Transkriptor is a bit more complicated in price because the structures aren’t directly comparable. However, converting Maestra’s prices into monthly prices based on Transkriptor’s included hours makes it easier:

  • For 5 hours a month, you’d pay $50 a month and $600 a year on Maestra’s PAYG level
  • On its subscription level, you’d pay $25 a month plus $19, which is $319

Without looking at further examples, it’s clear that Transkriptor is cheaper. The only situation where Maestra might be the better option is if you need fewer than 5 hours of transcription a month, and you don’t need it every month. Provided it comes to less than $100 a year, which is 10 hours of transcription, Maestra would be the better option.

Maestra vs. Transkriptor: Accuracy

You must consider the accuracy of a transcription service when deciding which is best. A more accurate transcription requires less editing, meaning it’s finished more quickly.

Maestra claims to be up to 90% accurate. It states it can offer this even with multiple speakers or poor audio quality. However, this is difficult to prove because these are 2 factors (among many) that can reduce the quality of an AI-driven transcriber.

Transkriptor claims to offer between 80 and 99% accuracy. This is a clearer statement of accuracy because it reflects the variation based on the file’s original quality. Plus, its maximum accuracy is higher.

Maestra vs. Transkriptor: Which is Better?

Based on the factors reviewed above when comparing Maestra vs. Transkriptor, Transkriptor is the better service. Transkriptor is cheaper and more accurate. Considering both services have the same usability, these are obvious benefits when choosing the best service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Maestra and Transkriptor

When choosing the best transcription service, your main criteria should be ease of use, accuracy, speed, and price. Price is less important than accuracy and speed, however, as you should opt for better service even if it costs more.

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