How to Convert Audio to Text with Yandex?

Uploading audio for conversion in Yandex

What is Yandex?

Yandex is a search engine and web portal, which offers internet research and other services like maps, navigator, mobile applications, online advertising, and news. 

How to Use Yandex Search Engine?

  • Go to the Yandex website 
  • Type whatever you want to search online into the search box
  • Click “Search”

How to Install and Use Yandex Browser on Your Computer?

  • Go to the Yandex Browser website
  • Click “Download”
  • Run the downloaded file
  • Click “Install”
  • Allow the installer to make changes on your computer

Why Should You Consider Using Yandex?

Yandex has the ability to interpret the language and provide relevant search results in a way that Google can’t.

Also, if you use Chrome on your phone, Google does not provide extension usage on mobile. You can install the Yandex search engine to use both Yandex’s and Chrome’s extensions on your phone.

How to Convert Audio to Text with Yandex?

Yandex provides its users with speech technologies, called SpeechKit, based on machine learning to create voice assistants, automate call centers, monitor service quality, and perform other tasks.

How to Use SpeechKit?

  • Go to the Yandex Cloud website and choose SpeechKit
  • Click “Try it out for free” 
  • Log in with your Yandex ID
  • Activate the testing period

You will need to pay for the app to use it further.

How to Convert Audio to Text with Yandex Extensions?

If you do not want to pay to SpeechKit, you can find online extensions and use them to speech to text on your Yandex browser.

To add extensions to your Yandex browser:

  • Open Yandex browser
  • Click “add-ons”
  • At the bottom of the page, click the Yandex Browser extensions catalog 
  • Go to the page with the extension you want to install
  • Click “+ Add to Yandex Browser”
  • In the window that opens, review the list of data that the extension will have access to

In addition, the Yandex browser supports Google Chrome extensions, as well. 

Some of the speech to text extensions you can use to convert audio to text with the Yandex browser can be listed:

  • Speech to Text (Voice Recognition)
  • Voice In
  • LipSurf
  • DictationBox
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