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It's easy to transcribe podcasts with transcription

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Are you trying to reach new audiences in your podcasts? Many individuals and businesses in various industries struggle to reach new target audiences with podcast audio alone. However, one solution many businesses and individuals see promising results with is transcribing podcasts to include text as well. The principles behind transcribing podcasts and the process are key areas to understand before taking advantage of the various benefits.

What Does Transcribing Podcasts Mean?

Transcribing podcasts involves taking a podcast and converting it into usable text. The transcription version is a word-for-word copy of the podcast, just in text form. This text is commonly used to create closed captions within the video or a text write-up as supplemental information. In the past, the transcription process required a manual transcriber which could be costly and time-intensive. However, now many businesses and individuals are making the shift to a software program, like Transkriptor. This allows added flexibility and innovative features, allowing for ease when you transcribe podcasts.

How To Transcribe Podcasts?

When it comes to transcribing podcasts, the process is very simple, especially with Transkriptor. First, record your podcast and edit any areas that you don’t want to be included. Once you have the finalized audio, you can utilize Transkriptor to convert your audio to the text within minutes. After you have the text copy of your podcast, you can choose to add captions to your podcast videos or include the text as a separate file for users to read.

Throughout the transcription process , there are a few top tips to keep in mind. When you record your audio, speak directly into the microphone to pick up clear audio. However, Transkriptor has the capabilities to easily sort through your audio file to pick up the important audio you need transcribing. Moreover, reduce background noise when recording your podcast. Finding a quiet area or closed-off room can help generate clear audio for your viewers.

What are the Benefits of Transcribing Podcasts?

Not only can businesses see benefits from transcribing podcasts, but individuals, entrepreneurs, and content creators also do too. The first benefit is the accessibility transcribing podcasts provides to those with disabilities. Hearing-impaired individuals will have little success understanding a podcast. However, with a text version supplementing the podcast or a write-up of the content, they can become part of your target market. Creating content accessible to all groups helps businesses grow their customer base with some seeing up to 10x the customer conversion.

Another top benefit when you transcribe podcasts is added SEO marketability. It’s no secret that many search engines utilize keywords to pull up results in searches. Having text in conjunction with your podcast gives your business the tools to rank in search engines, attracting more customers. Once you have multiple different podcasts with text, the search engine will pick up on your content and direct customers to your website or other platforms.

In addition, a text version of your podcast allows customers and clients greater comprehension of your product, service, or information. Reading translates to memory more than listening to audio does. However, offering both methods give customers the ability to choose the learning method most beneficial for them. Accessibility and multiple channels of communication results in the ability to resonate with more customers, increasing your success.

Why is Using Software to Transcribe a Podcast Important?

The benefits of transcribing your podcast should be enough to convince you to start implementing the added method of communication; however, the ease of transcribing text may seal the deal. The transcription process with Transkriptor can be completed on-demand and quickly. Instead of relying on a manual transcriber to fit you into their schedule, you can transcribe your podcasts when it is convenient for you. Additionally, the quick transcription process frees up time in your busy schedule. Converting your audio to text can take a significant amount of time, especially if the podcast is lengthy. The affordable price of Transkriptor coupled with the time-saving capabilities results in a win-win situation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Transcribing Podcasts to Text

Simply put, yes. Transcribing podcasts gives your organization the tools needed to expand your customer base and attract new customers. In addition, your podcast gains search engine attention when you have keywords associated with your podcast. Not to mention, some individuals comprehend information better in text form. Offering an alternative method of communicating the information leads to customer conversion, increased sales, and added comprehension.

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Both you and the consumer benefit from transcribing podcasts and providing a text write-up. Your business benefits by attracting new customers and clients while the consumer benefits from alternative communication methods. Not only do business owners benefit, but everyone who produces podcasts can see advantages as well. Content creators and entrepreneurs creating informative content will see increased views and search engine ranking when transcription of their podcast is available.

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The text that results from transcribing podcasts is laid out in the order the words were spoken. Transkriptor does offer formatting options since an editable digital transcript is a final output when using the software. You are free to format your write-up in any manner you want, but the text should follow the flow of the podcast.

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Transkriptor offers users the ability to transcribe podcasts into multiple different languages, allowing them to tackle international markets and reach a global customer base. Podcast conversions to different languages are a vital component for businesses attempting to grow through new geographic areas.

Next Steps

Transcribing podcasts offers many benefits to businesses and individuals, such as a higher SEO rank, reaching new customers, and creating higher customer conversions. All of these benefits are possible with Transkriptor working alongside you, taking a majority of the burden off your plate. You can free up time in your busy schedule to add value to other important areas. Reach out to one of the team members at Transkriptor to get started today.

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