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Transcribe podcasts to text efficiently, boosting accessibility and reach.

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Don’t let your audience miss a single episode of your podcast. Take advantage of Transkriptor's fast and easy transcription software using advanced AI to provide your podcast transcription in minutes, so your audience never misses a moment.

With over 100+ languages supported by Transkriptor and up to 99% accuracy rates, provide your listeners with a written copy of your podcast episodes, boost your subscribers, and enjoy the extra revenue, while you save time and money.

Transcribe Your Podcast Now

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Effortlessly transcribe podcasts with precision—unlock seamless content accessibility.

How Does Podcast Transcription Work?

Transkriptor quickly and easily converts your podcast audio file into text in just a few clicks. We support a wide variety of formats, so you can transcribe to your heart's content with our intuitive dashboard. Simply upload your audio file or paste a podcast link and let us do the rest. Our state-of-the-art AI will listen carefully to multiple speakers and can transcribe in over 100 languages. You'll receive an email informing you that your text is ready within minutes, then download or share the file.

Why Choose Transkriptor?

Transcribe podcasts with ease and fascinate listeners worldwide with your content. Let your podcast episodes speak for themselves with fast and accurate transcriptions thanks to our advanced AI software.

Check out the reasons to choose us below, and start transcribing with Transkriptor today!

Create Engaging Content

Every good host knows that podcast content should be interesting, accessible, and available in multiple formats. Finding your niche can be difficult, so publishing and repurposing your podcast transcriptions on several platforms, such as Spotify, YouTube, and your own website in text form, is important to reach your ideal listener.

Transkriptor offers automatic transcription for your podcast audio file, and you can download the text file in TXT, SRT, or Word Doc format without spending hours on manual transcription. Spot errors and correct minor mistakes with our editing portal, and communicate with your audience more clearly.

Reach Listeners Worldwide

Do you want to reach people from all over the globe? Transkriptor can detect and transcribe over 100 languages with up to 99% accuracy, so your international audience can enjoy your latest episode. Grab the attention of a global audience and make your content accessible to everyone with Transkriptor's podcast transcription software. You can also record audio directly into Transkriptor with our Google Chrome extension, so you can concentrate on video editing without spending hours on manual transcription.

Accurate, Efficient, Affordable

Unlike other services, Transkriptor can convert podcasts from an audio file or web link in just a few minutes with 99% accuracy. Your podcast episode will be ready for editing, downloading, and sharing in just a few clicks. See how successful your podcast can be with affordable subscription prices starting at only $4.99 a month with the best podcast transcription tool on the market.

Transcribe a Podcast in Minutes

Create podcast transcripts in a flash for automatic captions, subtitles, and more. Your audio content shouldn't be held back from being discovered by new listeners due to a lack of episode transcripts. Start recording your latest episode with real-time transcription available with our Google Chrome extension in over 100+ different languages, letting you capture the attention of more audiences worldwide. Start your Transkriptor journey for free now and transcribe your podcasts in minutes.

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AI-powered podcast transcription services streamline the workflow with accurate.

Why It’s Useful to Transcribe a Podcast

Podcast transcription improves your listener's comprehension of your content, making it easier for your audience to fully engage with and understand your latest episode. New subscribers should be able to simply find your podcast on search engines and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and a podcast transcript will help them discover their new favorite show.

People listen to podcasts for a variety of reasons, whether it's to learn something new, be part of the conversation, or simply be entertained. Podcasts are conversational in nature, so they automatically make great content pieces and enable you to create catchy and memorable highlights for your existing and new subscribers to share via social media posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upload your podcast audio file to our intuitive dashboard in any format, wait a few minutes for an email, and receive an email to download or share your 99% accurate podcast transcript within minutes. Transcription doesn't have to be tedious; let our advanced AI take the edge off manual transcription woes and concentrate on making the best content possible.

Absolutely. With Transkriptor's enhanced features, you can generate podcast transcripts in just a few minutes when you've finished recording your latest episode by uploading your audio recording to our dashboard, our smartphone apps, or with the Google Chrome extension. We provide 99% accurate transcriptions, so prepare to transcribe your podcast hassle-free.

If you want your podcast to hit the airwaves and achieve maximum results, you should definitely generate podcast transcripts. A podcast transcription is useful for many reasons, such as accessibility for deaf viewers or repurposing your content into written form to publish online.
A transcription of your podcast also helps with search engine optimization (SEO) and can help potential listeners find your latest episode or discover you for the first time through searchable phrases.
Transforming your audio file into a text transcript helps those listeners or viewers with hearing or comprehension difficulties and benefits your audience by making it easier for them to consume your engaging content.

Podcast transcript generators such as ChatGPT use OpenAI to write a podcast summary for your audience but can't always deliver accurate and full transcriptions in all the languages that Transkriptor supports. Many transcription services can't deliver a transcript of your audio file in 100+ languages with 99% accuracy, but Transkriptor can. Transcribing your podcast should be a breeze, and you can reach new listeners and boost your popularity with a transcription tool that delivers.

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