A Transcript of Your Podcast Can Do Wonders

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A podcast transcript might not be top of your list of priorities, but it’s a pretty useful thing to do. The reasons why vary slightly depending on your aims and content, but they remain pretty similar across industries.

So, let’s look at why you might want to transcribe a podcast and what a podcast transcript can do for you.

What is a Podcast Transcript?

Simply put, a podcast transcript is a written version of the spoken content. Depending on your aims and speakers, it might include timestamps and speaker notations. However, it could be as simple as a long-form written transcript.

There are different ways to go about creating a podcast transcript. The easiest is to use an AI-driven transcription platform like Transkriptor. You simply upload your audio file, convert it into text, and then make the necessary edits. That’s all there is to it.

Why Should You get a Podcast Transcript?

Why Should You Transcribe a Podcast?

1. Reading still matters
2. Accessibility
3. It’s more shareable on social media
4. Improved SEO
5. It puts users first
6. Makes other content easier
7. It’s really easysomeone who tries to get a podcast transcript

Here are the most important reasons why you should create a podcast transcript. Again, not all of them will be applicable to everyone, but you should find a few that matter.

1. Some People Prefer Reading the Podcast Transcript

Plenty of people love listening to podcasts. However, some prefer to read a portion before jumping in to see if they like the content. A podcast transcript gives them the ability to do so and is easier to consume on the go without access to a podcast platform.

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2. Podcast Transcripts Increase Accesibility

Similarly, not everyone can listen to podcasts. Those with hearing impairments – or anyone who can’t play audio files – shouldn’t be shut out of your content. Turning your podcast into text means these people can access your content without difficulty.

3. Podcast Transcripts are more shareable on social media

Just as with any sort of transcript, sharing text is easier than sharing an audio snippet. For example, if someone wants to share a quote on social media, they can copy and paste the text rather than typing it out themselves.

You’re likely sharing your podcast on social media anyway, so giving users a podcast transcript improves their options. A short, snappy bit of text from a discussion or interview also greatly increases your chances of going viral.

4. Podcast Transcripts improve SEO

On a similar note, we can’t ignore SEO. Search engines rank content using text – video and audio files have little impact. So, a page containing a podcast file isn’t going to do much on its own for your website ranking.

However, throwing a transcript on the page automatically improves things. The text gives search engines something to crawl, looking for keywords and phrases. It then uses these to decide what sort of things your website covers.

Of course, if you want to get the best results, you’ll probably need to add optimized keywords after transcribing the audio file. This isn’t difficult with Transkriptor’s built-in online text editor.

5. Podcast Transcripts Give More Options to Your Users

No matter what you’re making, users are your top priority. After all, without listeners or viewers, there’s no point in you making content. So, why would you risk alienating a portion of your potential user base by not creating a podcast transcript?

While this point is similar to the one about accessibility, there’s a bit more to it. People who can’t listen to podcasts will obviously appreciate the effort, but so will others.

For example, if someone sees you’ve made a podcast transcript, they may respect you more for considering others.

If your aim is to create a community around your content, putting users first and giving them a wholesome experience is very important.

6. Podcast Transcripts Boost Other Types of Content

Companies should make use of different social media platforms to attract different user bases. For example, you might target Instagram or TikTok for younger users and Medium or Facebook for older users.

As such, you need different forms of content tailored to each platform. Coming up with all this can be difficult and time-consuming.

Well, with a podcast transcript, you can easily create all this content without thinking of new ideas or hiring a team of marketers.

For example, you transcribe a podcast and have a long text document. You can turn it into Instagram picture descriptions or lots of Facebook posts. All you need to do is break it into sections and play around with the wording.

Another option is to turn it into a blog post. This is probably the easiest because you’ve already got most of the work done. Add some headings, find some pictures, and upload it on your website.

Having content will improve your visibility and help build your community across different platforms.

7. Getting a Podcast Transcript is Very Easy

Turning a podcast into a text file might sound difficult, but it doesn’t need to be. You could do it manually by listening to the audio and typing it out. However, this takes a long time, and it’s easy to make mistakes.

Benefits of podcast transcript

Instead, use an automatic transcription service like Transkriptor. It uses cutting-edge AI to convert audio into text with 80-99% accuracy. This depends on the audio quality, but it should be high if you’ve used good recording equipment.

Better still, it does all the hard work for you. All you do is upload your audio file and it’ll convert it to the text within minutes. Then, you go through making the required edits, and it’ll export a text file complete with timestamps.

Your first audio transcription is free. After that, you’ll get some of the best rates on the market – much cheaper than the competition. You’ll be able to create a podcast transcript quickly and easily at a very low cost.

Final Thoughts about Podcast Transcripts

Hopefully, you can see why a podcast transcript is a vital move for your business. Importantly, it opens your content up to a wider audience. Also, it gives you a useful file for sharing or turning into other social media content.

So, if you think it’s a good idea to transcribe a podcast, give Transkriptor a try. It’s quick, accurate, and affordable and will be a great help in the long run.