How to Transcribe Audio to Text with Transkriptor

A.I. technology grows and improves every year. The new transcription software offers a very different take on how we should think about transcribing audio to text: instead of being “a laborious, tedious process”, it is done automatically using “powerful machine-learning algorithms”.

Transkriptor is the leading transcription tool for A.I. technology. Their easy to use interface and cutting edge A.I. software allows customers to efficiently transcribe audio to text so users can quickly get back to work with producing content, analyzing data, or any other task at hand.

A Brand New Tool to Help You

Transkriptor’s A.I software can transcribe up to 99% of an audio file with 80% accuracy in just a few seconds while it is being recorded, which means that you are able to get on with more important tasks quicker rather than wasting time manually transcribing the file afterwards on your computer keyboard.

Transkriptor is easy to use and cheap as it does not require any training for the user, unlike other transcription services that come with high price tags and require you to dedicate time into learning how they work before you can start using them.

Try Transkriptor with your audio today for free.

Transkriptor Automatically Transcribes Audio to Text

transcribe audio to text
  1. Prepare your audio : Transkriptor can transcribe audio to text from MP3, MP4, WAV, WEBM, and FLAC files. If possible, create your audio using these formats. If you have audio in another format, you can use an online media conversion tool.
  1. Sign Up for Transkriptor: The free trial of Transkriptor only requires an email address and a password. You will receive an email from Transkriptor verifying your account. Once you click the email button, you can upload a file and start the process to transcribe audio to text.
  1. Upload the File to Transcribe Audio to Text: In addition to uploading your file, you can also change your settings. For example, Transkriptor does both transcription and subtitles. Your choice determines how the final file will look and what your file will be most useful for.
  1. Edit Your Transcription File :Transkriptor will email you once the process to transcribe audio to text is complete. You can then view your file online. If it looks good, you can move to the next step. If it does not, you can use Transkriptor’s software to edit it. Transkriptor’s editing software makes correcting your file easy. You can see the audio and text in the same window. You can also take as long as necessary to fix the file until it is 100% accurate
  2. Download your File: Once satisfied, you can download your transcription as a TXT, Word, or SRT file. Depending on the audio file type, you want to choose the file format that matches where you will use the audio.

    Try Transkriptor for free today.


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