How Can You Dictate Text?

Technological advancements have led to innovative functions, allowing users to enjoy heightened convenience and time-saving measures not only in their personal life but also in the business realm as well. One advancement has given users the ability to dictate, leading to surprising benefits, calling on the need to fully understand the process and why users are gravitating towards dictating to text.

What is Dictating Text?

At the most basic level, dictating involves the process of automatically converting audio into readable text. Artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology are utilized to pick up on the words being spoken into the microphone. The audio is then seamlessly converted to text on your screen or another device. Dictating can be done on the fly with a speech recognizer or with pre-recorded audio by using Transkriptor. Both methods produce the same high-quality results, helping you see tangible benefits across the board.

What are the Reasons People are Dictating Text?

Why do People Dictate to Text?

To Record Important Information
For Keeping Their Information Safe
To Increase Their Accessibilityblank


Individuals and businesses utilize dictating text for a wide variety of reasons. The first use is for safety. Most vehicles and smartphones now have a dictating text feature to promote hands-free talk and texting. Being distracted trying to type out a message can lead to serious accidents, which is why individuals are gravitating toward dictating text.

Recording Important Information

Another common use is to record meetings and conversations without having to spend copious amounts of time writing out notes. Journalists and students both take advantage of dictating text to automatically record audio as it is being heard. This ensures important information is properly documented without having to be distracted by taking notes.

Disability Friendly

Additionally, those that are disabled can use dictating text to accurately keep track of information. It becomes unreasonable for those with dyslexia and other disabilities to be constantly taking notes in hopes of remembering. Students and those in the workforce can instead utilize dictating text to retain key information, giving you the tools for success in school or the workforce.

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The Process to Dictate Text?

Live-Recorded Audio

The process for dictating text is very simple. First, you will need to have software or application with speech recognition features. Most smart devices have the software built-in so you don’t have to do anything in addition. Then, simply click on the microphone and start speaking. You need to be sure you are on the proper screen where you want your output file. For example, if you are attempting to dictate a speech, you will need to be on the message screen. The most common place to dictate speech is in the notes or other notetaking screens.

Pre-Recorded Audio

There are other options for dictating text if the speech is a recording. One successful avenue is Transkriptor, which takes pre-recorded audio and converts it into readable text. For this process, all you would need to do is upload your audio file and let the software convert it into useable text. Transkriptor is a top-rated software program because it gives users the ability to convert audio into different languages, all with the same accuracy and timeliness.

What Should I Keep in Mind when I Dictate Text?

If you are attempting to record a conversation, you don’t want the microphone to be in your pocket. Instead, have it out in the open where the microphone can easily pick up the audio.
Moreover, make sure there is nothing blocking the microphone, such as papers or other items. This will ensure that your audio will translate accurately.blank

Another top tip is to be mindful of background noises. Turn your phone on do not disturb to avoid notifications interrupting your audio. Additionally, try and minimize the noise in the surrounding environment. Close the door or move to a secluded area to obtain clear audio. Finally, don’t fret if you forgot to turn on the automatic translation of the audio. Transkriptor offers users the ability to dictate pre-recorded audio, resulting in the same output. Keeping your options open when it comes to dictating text is critical and can give you flexibility whenever you need to dictate text.

What are the Benefits?

Almost all smart devices have adopted dictating because of the vast benefits it provides users. As mentioned before, dictating can add to your safety. Whether driving or doing other dangerous tasks, it is safer to dictate rather than type out a message. Another added benefit you will realize is convenience. Having a program that automatically dictates text can save you an enormous amount of time. Instead of typing up notes for hours, you can access the text as soon as the recording is done. This can give you more time to do other important tasks.

The dictating text also ensures accurate and complete information. Trying to quickly write down all the important information opens the door to errors. In order to avoid this risk, you should use dictating. Automatic translation with dictating text leads to complete and accurate information, which will help you out in the long run. When you go back to review the text, you can rest assured that all the information is there.

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Next Steps

Starting dictating is an easy task, especially with multiple different options out there. Understanding the basics of how to dictate gives way to the vast amount of benefits that users enjoy. Whether you are looking to convert pre-recorded audio or dictate text in real-time, keep in mind the top tips to ensure your text output is accurate. Dictating can be useful in your personal and professional life, calling on the need to fully understand the different uses and functions of dictating text. For more information and to see how Transkriptor can benefit you, reach out to one of our team members today.


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