How to Convert OGG to Text

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Edit and transcript audio from OGG files for a seamless text conversion experience

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How to Convert OGG to Text

To convert OGG to text file format, follow the steps below:

  1. Upload your OGG file
  2. Import your file from your laptop, Google Drive, Youtube, or Dropbox.
  3. Select the language of the audio
  4. You select the different language as well as the original language. Also, select the language your audio transcripts into.
  5. Click ‘Auto Transcribe.’
  6. Choose between “Machine generated” and “Human created” (which are available in some transcription services)
  7. Before transcribing your audio, Remove background noise, cut, split, and trim it.
  8. From the left menu, select Elements and then ‘Auto Transcribe Audio’ under Subtitles.
  9. Your automated transcription will now be displayed. Edit the transcription as needed using a text editor.
  10. Automatic transcription software will convert your OGG audio file to text transcription.
  11. Click on “Export” and choose your preferred file format.
  12. Export your OGG transcript in various text formats and subtitle formats such as Plain Text (.txt), Microsoft Word document (.docx), PDF (.pdf), SubRip (.srt), VTT…)
  13. After choosing the format, click on the Download button.

How to play an OGG file ?

You need a media player bundled with your device to open an OGG file . If you have Windows OS, numerous media players will open a file with OGG format. These media players include:

  • VLC Media Player
  • Windows Media Player
  • Microsoft Groove Music
  • Nullsoft Winamp

On the other hand, if you have macOS, you can open your OGG file on these media players:

What are the Advantages of the OGG File Format?

  • Quality: It provides compression while maintaining the quality of multimedia files. An OGG file has higher sound quality than an mp3 file. Even at a lower bit rate than other formats, OGG renders high quality files.
  • Free of Cost: It is open-source and license-free, making it ideal for those wanting to use accessible formats for streaming or selling music.
  • Comment Header: It contains a header where comments about the audio file can be written. This information helps a user with the information about the file.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an OGG file?

An OGG file, like an MP3 file, is an audio file that typically stores music. It contains audio data saved in the OGG container format. Song metadata, such as artist information and track data, may also be included in OGG files.

What is a text file?

Text files generally refer to .txt, a simple file type that only holds unformatted text.

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