Best Video Editing Apps to Add Text to Video (2023)

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What are the Best Video Editor Apps to Add Text to Video in 2023 for iOS?

Here are the best video editor apps to add subtitles

What is iMovie?

iMovie is a very famous Apple video editing tool. It is not only available for iPhone and iPad, but it also has a Mac version. It is a completely free tool that any iOS user downloads from the App Store and uses its features for free. There won’t be any watermark on the video.


  • It is a user-friendly video editing software that allows the user to easily edit videos with an intuitive interface.
  • Adding text to videos is easy with iMovie. Tap on “T“, which is short for text, and write anything you want.
  • It has a function to select a duration for text. Only during that period will the text be visible to viewers.
  • It also offers split-screen effects, 10 high-fidelity filters, green-screen effects, and the ability to create professional videos.

What is Splice?

Splice is GoPro’s video editor. It is a video editing tool that helps user to edit their videos without any difficulty. Splice is basically for beginners that are learning to edit videos. It uses a simple timeline technique to edit videos which makes it pretty easy for the user to understand.


  • After uploading the video, you will have an editing option for text. Tap on it to add text to videos.
  • It lets you change your text color, font, and background or choose different text effects, like fade in and out, to get a more stylized loo
  • Add text to your videos using its overlay feature and get access to many other video editing features.
  • It is a paid tool, but it also has a free version. It allows beginners to learn video editing easily.

What is Vont?

It is another iOS app that helps the user to add text to videos easily. With hundreds of fonts and styles, it gives the user the capability to customize the video. It is a free tool, and adding text to videos with this tool is very easy.


  • Vont allows the user to add text to a video with just a single tap.
  • It has over four hundred fonts which give the user a variety to choose from.
  • As it is a free tool, some of its features are limited to the free version. There are more features through in-app purchases.
text to video

What are the Best Video Editor Apps to Add Text to Video in 2023 for Android?

For your Android devices, these best apps are available on Google Play Store.

What is Adobe Premiere?

It is one of the few apps that is available on both Android and iOS. Moreover, it also has PC versions that allow the user to edit photos and videos professionally on Windows and macOS. It is a complex tool because it has advanced features like no other app. Check the tutorial Youtube videos for more detailed information about these features.


  • If you want to add text to any video, upload the video and go to the graphics options. Select the layer and type the text that you want to display over the video.
  • Besides adding animated text, also adjust the video speed, and color and add special effects such as slow-motion and adding blur to the video.

What is InShot?

InShot’s video editor is used to add text to their videos. It is complete, with many tools such as playback speed control, and adding music, filters, stickers and emojis to your videos. It is also available for iOS.


  • Easily export videos directly to social networks such as Instagram and TikTok with high quality.
  • It is a free app.

What is VideoShow?

VideoShow is a free video editing app. It has a variety of editing tools and features that enables the user to edit the video like a professional.


  • Go to editing mode and tap on “Subtitle” if you want to add text to the video.
  • You have multiple options to change the design and font of the text added to the video.
  • Along with the text feature, you have a diverse choice of editing the video. Whether it be related to adding video effects, transitions, filters, trimming, and audio, VideoShow works like a charm.
  • This app also makes over 50 themes and over 30 filters available so that its users create videos and slideshows, and editing tools for you to split and merge different videos.

What is Filme?

iMyFone Filme is a video editing tool that has many features. It is available for macOS and Windows. It is a beginner-friendly tool.


  • With Filme, create a new project by selecting an aspect ratio.
  • It has different effects, filters, and transitions that are added to the video and make it more appealing.
  • iMyFone Filme has a timeline for editing. You just need to drag and drop anything to the timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Text to Video?

Text-to-video tools and software allow users to create videos from written content, such as articles, blog posts, or social media posts, by automatically converting the text into video format. These tools often include features such as customizable templates, text animations, and background music or sound effects.
Adding text to the video clip also means that you are adding subtitles to your video.

Why Use Video to Text?

Increased engagement: Videos are more engaging than plain text, and adding visual elements makes the content more interesting and memorable.
Improved comprehension: Videos help to convey complex ideas or information in a more easily digestible format. Text-to-video tools also add visual aids, animations, and other elements that help viewers understand the content better.
Broadened audience: Videos reach a wider audience than plain text, as they are shared on social media and other platforms where people are more likely to engage with them.
Time-saving: Text-to-video tools automate the process of creating videos, saving time and effort compared to creating custom video content from scratch.

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