Is Using a Transcription Software Worth It?

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How to Use a Transcription Software?

Looking for the best transcription software? Do you want to get your money’s worth? Would you want this software to work on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone? You’re in the right place!

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Why Should You Use a Transcription Software?

Most people don’t think of professional transcription software or service as an investment. That is because they underestimate how much time, money, and content they lose when they do the transcription themselves.

One main reason why companies choose to use a professional transcribing service over trying to transcribe themselves is the level of accuracy and quality of the transcription. It rarely makes sense for companies or people to bypass a contractor based on pricing when they feel like they can give it 20 minutes before giving up entirely.

Furthermore, the transcription industry has come a long way due to the development of machine learning models. These technologies have made it much easier than before to transcribe your audio files.

Transcription Software Leave Less Work for the People

Transcription is a time-consuming process to type it down on a paper and it will take more time if an inputter needs to listen once again before type. This technique requires at least two people, just double the amount of required time and you have a drastic reduction productivity for other duties.

With technology like voice recognition software companies can remove the need for manual transcriptionists and visit a much higher volume of customers each day.

The use and application of AI are effective, translating the complicated text into machine-readable languages utilizing speech recognition software furthermore AI transcription services are also better at a human quality which will make work easier.

Transcription Software Create More in the Same Amount of Time

Employing transcription software is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity, cutting down hours and weeks to mere minutes or seconds.

Transcription software goes to great lengths toward saving time and maximizing output. It typically takes employees multiple days or even weeks to transcribe a single hour of audio recording while software can do it in less than an hour depending on the quality typeset onto the audio by the user.

Transcription software also gives users more output as they won’t need a person working for them which means favorably compounding all their outputs for each source of the audio file.

The transcription software simplifies audio workflow rather than replacing it. They cut down hours and weeks of work into mere minutes or seconds. This also allows full-time transcriptionists to scale their outputs without increasing their process – thereby generating more profits for themselves.

Transcription Software Make Fewer Mistakes in Transcribing

Transcribing audio or manually typing a long feature article can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Transcription is not an easy job—transcript errors are likely to exist. Not to mention the time spent reviewing the transcription flow.

Fortunately, transcription software has made it easier and increased its accuracy significantly. Now, transcribed text automatically appears on computers with minimal effort put in by the operator.

The accuracy of the transcription depends on the quality of the ambient noise in a particular environment. Manual transcription can yield a result with a lot of errors, but there is transcription software that can lessen these errors.

Another advantage is that you can use them in any environment and take an unnoticeable amount of time to complete.

transcription software

Transcription Software is Cost-effective

Transcription software is less expensive and accurate. There is transcription software that charge less than a dollar per minute, is accessible to everyone

Receiving audio in compressed or streaming format and converting it into text manually can be burdensome. With this in mind, governments and businesses from around the globe are utilizing online transcription software to circumvent that issue.

The widespread demand for these transcription services, both human and computerized is reducing prices. Additionally, the transcription software offers efficient integration for complex audio processing tasks, always improving the quality of workflow.

The advantage of these automated transcription tools is the speed with which they can handle a huge volume of audio material at once without overburdening any individual working on it. They also do it without any formatting inconsistency between interviews getting past one another during simultaneous use on multi-channel walls.

Transcription Software Provide Timestamps (Well, Only Some of Them)

Timestamps embedded in a transcription allows users to share exact time in different sessions. The time codes can also illustrate the content playback with segments and their frequency just by a glance at a timestamp.

Medical transcriptionists also use such software to transcribe medical records with timestamps in your transcription. It allows them to refer back to things easily by jumping back to the location of certain keywords and after looking up what they need to know they can confidently move forward.

How Do Journalists Use Transcription Software?

In recent years there has been an exponential increase in the demand for a content generation with deadlines nearly always approaching quickly enough not to give potential writers any time buffer between assignments. This can seem like it may be detrimental to these writers.

Burnout rates for journalists sometimes exceed 50%, and it is not surprising – because of the competitiveness, repetitiveness, long hours, and high stress. Nevertheless, journalism has always meant maintaining human rights, fair judgments, embracing talent, and motivating change.

The aim here is not to bash journalism but to acknowledge the severity of the situation. Burnout in journalism is happening more often than we think. And at greater levels than those in other professions.

Why is Using Transcription Software Beneficial for a Modern Journalist?

You’ll get more done as a journalist if you streamline your workflow. Making money means saving time. Let Transkriptor do the transcription so you can focus on your story.

Transcription Software Save Time

Transcription enables journalists to save time and resources, become truly independent and get an insight into the mistakes of their professional adversaries.

The market is full of companies providing transcription services. But what most providers focus primarily on are the prices because they want many clients to sign contracts as it increases their profit margins. Yet, while a cheap service might tempt more customers, this is not always reliable and secure which can put journalists at risk.

best transcription service

The transcription software converts different types of media into text or is displayed as subtitles on the screen. The software allows you to use speech recognition for serious tasks such as switching voices if your client is hearing impaired.

Transcription software will make a lot of work easier for journalists who must spend hours doing transcriptions that are meaningless and dragging down their morale harder than they need to be.

Transcription Software Gives Way to Applications Like Voice Typing

With voice transcription software, journalists and other writers can take out the time-consuming process of typing an article and spend more time working on what matters – their content. Voice typing is much faster than typing.

A voice recorder is an app that can record small memos and voices and then transcribe them automatically as text onto a keyboard. Voice typing software can assist reporters in the era of investigative journalism or any journalist who has to research and travel often because you don’t need an internet connection to work with it.

Background noise can be filtered out. Also, it comes in handy during interviews while gathering information from someone who might be facing away from you or when videoing somebody who breaks off as soon as they spot a camera.

Transcription Software Keeps Up With the Fast Pace of Interviews

As a journalist, it is critical that you hire an administration team that can transcribe your interviews fast. This is essential for starting and managing the process of making a final copy of your article.

Keeping up with journalism’s demands by remaining accurate and faster ensures that you keep business low and everyone happy, which will enable you to produce magnificent journalist content for news agencies.

Having a Transcript in a Short Notice is Helpful

By using software, you can not only discuss but also survey the controversial viewpoints of journalists and historians. This is because discourse analysis is a process of systematically analyzing language for traces of ideology and content.

Discourse analysis has been conducted for the last thirty years in various universities, organizations, and institutions around the world.

Headlines within the New York Times have been subjected to discourse analysis to see what trends exist in their narratives. Sources such as The Wall Street Journal and People magazine are analyzed by academic students who are looking specifically at abortion issues or women’s rights activism around the world.

What Are Some Audio Transcription Software?

All Transcription Software does a similar task, but Transkriptor offers the best quality and the lowest cost. Here are other options, if you would like to compare Transkriptor.


This is an audio transcription service that operates in over 60 languages. It also makes room for editing and proofreading. Additionally, happy scribe gives you the option of synchronizing third-party tools to make it easier for you to customize the experience.


Rev is more a manual transcription service than an audio transcription software. It charges you 1 and a quarter dollars per minute of recording. They claim that they will finish the job within 12 hours, and with 99 percent accuracy.


Amberscript has both manual and automatic transcription options. It’s endorsed by companies like Netflix, Disney, and Microsoft. It’s a robust and trustworthy audio and video transcription software.



This tool resembles a full-fledged productivity tool. It allows you to control every part of the document creation process with just your voice. It is a great audio transcription software for creating projects.


Trint is one of the great software for AI audio transcription work. It has a lot of options to enrich your experience. You can do things like assigning speaker names and leaving reminders. In the end, you can export the thing.

With Otter, you can do so many things in addition to the usual transcription. You can add notes, key phrases, and visuals. You can train the algorithm for specific voices to reference them in the future. Countless companies like Zoom, IBM, and Dropbox use this product so you don’t have to worry about credibility.


Scribie delivers both automated and human-based transcriptions of conversations. Their clients have their transcripts ready in just 36 hours. This gives them the time they need to review and approve without spending on lengthy conversation transcription work.

It serves as a provider for all business professionals of all industries. A multitude of companies uses and swear by the service they provide for their day-to-day business operations.

Sonix is an AI automated transcription software that enables anyone to record and upload recordings in their language. It is an automatic system for audio and video transcription, as well as for translation and subtitling. This is a crucial capability because transcribing lengthy conversations from scratch by hand can be costly or inadequate.

Sonix automates the entire process, supporting all languages without the need to import files or mark transcripts with time codes.

Sonix offers recordings that can be uploaded from the web or mobile devices. Recordings may also be received by email attachment or sent directly from local files.


GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is a human-based transcription service where the focus is primarily on quality. There are no robots involved in any aspect of the process. GMR also has a 99% accuracy guarantee.

Independent proofreaders review all transcriptions to see if there’s an error. If so, they will promptly return your audio files with a neatly typed correction at the bottom. No cuts or deletions will affect the context of important language.


TranscribeMe is a transcription and captioning service for video files. They say that their AI is smarter and more accurate than humans.

TranscribeMe also has rapid turnaround times and offers good prices for transcribed audio. (usually found for up to about $4 per 1-hour audio). These three factors give writers a productivity boost by taking the worst element off their plate: transcribing a quote.


SpeechPad has taken the business of captioning to such a level that has been admired by many. It’s one of the oldest transcription services online and they involve two types.

SpeechPad’s employee base is not limited to English speakers alone. It provides support for translators for other languages, for example, Spanish, Japanese, and German. 

They also use software to make sure that subtitles are presented with perfect grammar without any inconsistencies and typos. And this automatically makes them succeed in having very quick turnaround times.

They have the best captioning services with a design that matches the transcript. Which makes it easier to read or follow when necessary.

When you are looking for a foreign language translator SpeechPad is your go-to transcription service. Some of the reasons include its fast turnaround times and competitive prices as well as its many years of experience.

With Transkriptor, all the benefits of each transcription software are combined. The service is fast, affordable, and accurate. Start using it for free now!

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Transkriptor supports a wide range of formats  including mp3, mp4, wav…Even if you have a file that has a weird format, you can use online tools like convertio, or cloudconvert, and be done within minutes.

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