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Your notes are a huge help. You jot down the important bits in class and then study using them. By this, you think you learned the material. But remember how you feel after your lectures. You might have felt that the material is a little bit blurry. I used to do the same before I met the tools that convert audio to text.

Life Before Converting Audio to Text

I used to take notes until my hand got tired of writing. I listened extra carefully to the professor just so that my notes were immaculate and complete. So much so that by the time the lecture is over I would have pages and pages of notes sitting on my desk. On the other hand, I would feel that I couldn’t remember a single thing from the lecture. When I got home and started studying, it seemed like I started the lecture all over again.

A girl struggling with manual note taking.

I knew that this was what I was supposed to do, what I was told to do. But I wished there was a quicker, easier way.

I started thinking, why can’t I focus on the class? Are notes the problem? Should I stop taking notes? How would I study then?

Thankfully I came across the quintessential solution: converting audio to text. And no, I didn’t have to give up on studying from notes.

Convert Audio to Text

So you want to find the most effective way of studying. Certainly, studying from lecture notes is a great strategy. Though the amount of time it takes to create them is infuriating. It leaves you with only one option: letting someone else do it for you. I almost heard you ask “But who would even do such a thing!”. You have no reason to panic, I’m here to tell you all about the possible ways.

Why Should You Convert Audio to Text?

Converting your audios to text sharpens your academic ability incredibly. Here’s how:

Taking synchronous notes harms your focus tremendously. Your brain is really good at detecting periods to rest. So when you start writing, your brain enters a new mode. The recording mode. It seems that the information is already being recorded, so don’t try to remember it. It’s almost like a daydream where you lose your focus in the present moment in daily life. Or when your eyes are moving forward on the book, but you are not really reading it.

A zoom meeting that is being recorded, to be converted from audio to text.

As a result, you are faced with the risk of missing the main idea of the lecture. In addition, think about all the important details that are detrimental in grasping a topic. You don’t wanna miss them at all.

If you convert your lectures to text, it would mean that you can give all of your focus to the material. You also wouldn’t have to give up on studying with notes. Think about the time and energy this tool will save you. Picture your life with the audio to text conversion tool.

A Day in the Life When You Convert Audios to Text

You wake up in the morning and go to your class. Sit on the chair, and instead of your notebook, you pull out your phone (or tablet, or any recording device). You press start and wait for the class to start. As the lecturer goes on with the topic at hand, you will be able to actively listen to them. You will stop worrying about what color you should write the headlines with and stop worrying about which parts to note and which parts do not. You will be able to ask questions, and actively think about the material. When the class dismisses, you stop recording. After the lecture, you will feel much more satisfied, feeling like you have learned a great deal about the topics.

Then you will go home, open up your computer and upload your recording to audio to text converter. You go and take a shower while it converts your audio to text. After only a few minutes, your lecture notes will be ready and at your command. Now you have the entire material of the class with you to revise and study with.

Converting Lecture Audio Into Text Amplifies Your Focus

What has changed? In the scenario that you convert audio to text, you immediately increase your level of comprehension. When you stepped out of the class, you were at a much greater level of understanding already. Especially compared to the scenario of taking notes by hand. Therefore, you can easily see the difference this tool has created just from the start. You not only understood the main idea more firmly, but the important details also didn’t escape your attention.

A student who is productive thanks to converting audio to text

When you finally sit down to do a daily revision, it’s not hard for you to filter your notes. Why? Because you have pinned down the important points and subheadings beforehand. This wouldn’t have happened if you had noted it by hand in class, since you wouldn’t even be listening actively.

So you highlight your notes, and with only a few quick scans, your daily revision would be done.

Take a moment, and try to see how much time and effort you are saving with converting audio to text. I say it would be one of the best investments you would make regarding your academic career.

Is Privacy Important When Working With an Automatic Transcription Software?

Privacy is a major concern for any person these days. Keeping your data safe from any unauthorized access is a must. That’s why you should choose the right audio-to-text converter for you. With the increased use of social media, data loss is now a serious threat. You need to ensure that your data is safe. To do so, choose the best audio-to-text converter in terms of privacy.

Choose the Best Program to Convert Audio to Text

There are many audio-to-text converters that you can find on the internet. However, not all of them provide the same level of privacy and protection. To choose the best audio-to-text converter, look for the ones that offer the best data protection.

The audio-to-text converter should be able to collect data in a safe and confidential manner. It should not allow others access to this data either. It should also have an encryption system so that data cannot be accessed by people who are not authorized.

Privacy is key in transcription

In summary, get the benefits that this tool gives you. Don’t waste your time and effort on menial tasks and chores. You are more important than that. Let us do it for you.