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Realize the revolution that Transkriptor has created in the industry in the Sonix vs. Transkriptor comparison.

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Below are key factors when deciding between using Sonix and Transkriptor.

What is Sonix?

Sonix is a speech to text tool

Sonix is a service that offers automatic transcription, translation, and subtitling. The platform supports over 40 distinct language projects. The business also guarantees rapid turnaround times and exceptional accuracy. Sonix also provides word-by-word timestamps and tools to merge several recordings into one single text transcription.

How Does Sonix Work?

Sonix uses proprietary machine learning technology to turn speech into text. Sonix can convert any audio or video file you upload to text in a fraction of the time it takes to record the audio or video.

How Accurate is Sonix?

Sonix claims that their transcripts can reach 97% accuracy.

Who is Sonix For?

Researchers, Journalists, Podcasters, Reality TV producers, Documentary filmmakers, Authors, Content Marketing Content Producers, and anyone who needs transcripts of their audio files can benefit from Sonix.

What are the Features of Sonix?

Here is a list of Sonix features:

  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Annotations
  • Upload audio/video files
  • Automatically transcribing
  • Services for automatic transcription
  • Tools for Collaboration
  • File Exchange
  • When using manual transcription
  • Multi-Language
  • Automatic Language Recognition
  • Playback Regulations
  • Language Recognition
  • Closed captions and subtitles
  • Text Revision
  • Timecoding

What is the Pricing of Sonix?


  • Starting from: $10 per hour, pay per use
  • $5 per hour plus $16.50 per month (paid yearly), or $22 per month, is the premium rate (billed monthly)
  • Business – Specialized pricing

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Sonix?


  • Services for transcription, translation, and subtitling are all included in one package.
  • Possibilities for both pay-as-you-go and subscription
  • Numerous other tools for editing and sharing files


  • No free plan is available.
  • Large-volume customers are not benefited from the pricing structure.
  • Custom dictionaries, automatic timestamps, and multitrack uploads are not offered as part of the pay-as-you-go service.
  • More expensive than other automatic transcription tools.

What is Transkriptor?

Transkriptor is an AI-powered assistant that helps you transcribe videos, and audio files and can also transcribe videos and lectures. Editable TXT, Word, or SRT files may be produced using Transkriptor.


  • Automatically transcribing
  • Language Recognition
  • The variety of formats supported by Transkriptor includes mp3, mp4, and wav.
  • Even if you have a file with an odd format, you can quickly convert it using internet services like conversion or cloud convert.


  • Excellent accuracy in both the word recognition and the subtitles’ timestamps.
  • Very little needed to be corrected.


There may be a balance between the length of the phrases because some subtitles appear on the screen as extremely lengthy sentences and others as very brief sentences.

Which Tool is Better: Sonix or Transkriptor?


An innovative artificial intelligence algorithm powers Sonix and Transkriptor. As a result, they both may achieve 99% accuracy (depending on the language and audio quality). Their accuracy increases daily as it learns new speech patterns. Therefore, in terms of accuracy, both of these services are fine.

Ease of Use

Transcription is one of the most effective artificial intelligence tools, but it’s also relatively simple. There is no installation needed for the online speech-to-text converter known as Transkriptor. You can start by simply uploading your file. Whereas Sonix has a complicated interface. Therefore, Transkriptor is easier to use.


As you can see, many automated transcribing programs are available.

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