How to Choose the Best Interview Transcription Software

Transcription is the conversion of speech to text through a manual or automated process. This speech may be extracted from a recorded audio file, recorded video file, or an audio-visual live session. The text from the conversion can then be published in form of articles, blogs, or even evidence files. They can then be accessed and read by other people who have an interest in the information contained therein. As a service, transcription has several applications across various disciplines from education, journalism, and law to entertainment, research, and telecommunication. Therefore, the use of interview transcription software is not limited to any particular profession.

Interview Transcription Software

As mentioned earlier, transcription can either be manual (by people) or automated (transcription software). Granted, using interview transcription software to transcribe audio and video files is much more efficient than doing it manually.

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This is because transcription software leverages the superior capabilities of technology. They include automatic speech recognition technology and natural language processing. Therefore, knowing how to transcribe interviews using specially designated software can be immensely beneficial for you.

How do you choose the best interview transcription software?

How to choose the best interview transcription software?

The whole point of using transcription software is to achieve high-quality business outcomes and streamline organizational operations. However, not all interview transcription software in the market functions with the same level of efficiency and accuracy.
You should look at factors like turnaround speed, accuracy, and ease of use.blank

As such, it is important to choose the best transcription software. To do this, you need to use certain criteria to determine which interview transcription software.

The following is a comprehensive outline of the factors that you must consider. By this, you can choose the best software to transcribe your interviews;

Fast turnarounds

One of the main reasons many people and organizations have adopted the use of transcription software is because of speed. Manual transcription is simply just too slow and tedious thus leading to slow turnarounds.

Therefore, when trying to choose the best software to transcribe your interview, always consider the processing time of the software. The software should be fast enough to save valuable time that you can use on other important projects.

Therefore, while there may not be a specific time period for transcription due to variations caused by differences in file lengths, the best software should simply be very fast in transcribing your interviews and not be anywhere close to the speed of manual transcription. It transcribes a one-hour recording in about 15 to 30 minutes only


The accuracy of the transcript text generated by transcription software is also a crucial consideration. This is because transcribed text can help obtain sensitive information that can only be useful as it is accurate.

A great example is in the legal field. The accuracy of the information can make or break a case. Therefore, the best software to transcribe interviews should have a high level of accuracy to avoid generating misleading information. Ideally, the accuracy should be above 90%.

Editing capabilities

You should always aim for interview transcription software that has the highest level of accuracy when transcribing speech to text. However, you must acknowledge that factors such as background noise, microphone quality, and style of speech/audibility also influence how efficiently the transcription process takes place.

With that in mind, there may be a few parts that it may not transcribe accurately. Therefore, the best interview transcription software should allow you to edit and make changes where there are issues. As such, always choose software that allows you to easily edit transcribed software for optimal utility.

Ease of use

The best interview transcription software should not require you to possess any specialized proficiency in software or AI technology to use it. Rather, it should be extremely simple and straightforward to transcribe your interviews using the software.

Therefore, always go for interview transcription software whose user interface is easy to navigate. The transcription process should be easy to initiate and obtaining the final transcript text should also be as simple as possible.

24/7 Availability

The best software to transcribe your interviews should be accessible and functional at any particular time. That way, you can be able to handle urgent transcription needs effectively without having to waste time waiting for the services to be available again.


Privacy of data is something that is very important. This is especially so in today’s modern world where people share information at astonishing speeds. You may not want the text transcript of a private interview or one that wasn’t supposed to be released yet to leak to the public without your approval.

Therefore, always go through the data privacy and security policy of an interview transcription software company before working with it. Ensure that the company has effective measures like data encryption in place to protect the privacy of your data. That way, you can rest assured that your data will remain confidential at all times.

Cost efficiency

Another reason why it is important for individuals, businesses, and organizations to leverage the capabilities of the best interview transcription software is due to the resultant cost efficiency.

It costs you more to hire a full-time, in-house transcriber to handle all your transcription needs. Because transcription is also tedious and time-consuming when done manually, it costs a lot of money to pay for manual transcription services.

Interview Transcription Software can detect different words

Therefore, the best interview transcription software is supposed to help you significantly cut down on the amount of money paid for transcription services. As such, when choosing the best transcription software, ensure that the pricing is pocket-friendly and that it allows you to save significantly.

Otherwise, paying for unreasonably expensive interview transcription software will defeat the purpose of not using the manual transcription. Therefore, always check the pricing package of such software before settling on one that is in line with your budget.

Use Transkriptor Today for the Best Interview Transcription Software Experience

We understand that interview transcription software is becoming increasingly vital for professionals across various disciplines including journalism, education, law, and research. Therefore, we provide you with the most efficient interview transcription software that is fast, accurate, secure, and extremely easy to use. Therefore, regardless of your field of specialization, use Transkriptor today and optimize your business outcomes using high-quality transcript text output.


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