How to Use Dictation App to Turn Your Voice to Text?

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Discover the efficiency of voice to text conversion with dictation apps

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What is a Dictation App?

In simple terms, dictation is the transcription of audio for later use. Transcription is the process of turning that audio file into text. Dictation certainly isn’t new, but with the rise of smartphones, there’s a growing need for dictation apps . Smartphones can handle every step of the dictation process.

Why Do People Use Dictation Apps?

Dictation apps increase productivity of professionals and individuals for a multitude of reasons These include:

  • Convenience: For most people, hitting record and speaking their thoughts is much easier than typing them. Dictation apps convert audio to text automatically for them.
  • Accessibility: Using a dictation app is convenient for everyone. However, it’s particularly useful for those with accessibility needs. For example, a blind person could benefit from dictation, as could someone with dyslexia. A dictation app that produces text files at the end would be particularly useful for those with accessibility needs.
  • Functionality: Nowadays, everyone brings their smartphones wherever they go, providing them with an always-available recording device. This feature is especially advantageous for individuals in professional fields, such as journalists, researchers, and academics. Even simple jobs can benefit from using a dictation app to record your thoughts on the go.
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How to Use Your Phone for Dictation?

How to use a dictation app will vary depending on which you download, but the process will always be similar.

Time needed: 10 minutes

Set Up Your Phone For Dictation

  1. Download and open the dictation app you want to use. (Such as: Transkriptor )

  2. It might be worth doing a test recording. Background voice may affect your file.

  3. Start audio recording

  4. Once you’re done, stop voice recording.

  5. Automatically convert audio to text through your dictation app.

  6. Once you have the text file, you should proofread it to make sure you correct any mistakes.

  7. Alternatively, send the audio file to a computer for the previous step and use a dedicated transcription platform (such as Transkriptor ).

What is the Text Quality on a Dictation App?

Text quality depends on the app. Paid dictation apps yield better results in terms of dictation.

How to Avoid Mistakes when Dictating Your Voice?

While it’s not possible to completely avoid written mistakes when using a dictation app, there are some ways to reduce the chances. It is recommended to use an audio conversion platform that’s trustworthy. Trustworthy audio conversion platforms have less chance of making mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get The Best Quality Audio Files?

1. Know where your microphone is. On most phones, it’s on the bottom panel near the charger port.
2. Point your microphone towards the person talking, and try to keep the distance as low as possible.
3. Look for noise cancellation tools. Some microphones have this built-in, but you might need a separate app.
4. If that’s not possible, try to record in the quietest space possible.
5. Turn on your phone’s Do Not Disturb function to avoid vibrations or alert tones.

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