How to Convert Wav to Text

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Discover the detailed process of transforming WAV audio files into readable text in our latest guide

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How to Convert Wav to Text

Automatic speech recognition (asr) software translate and convert WAV Audio files to text file in real time. Here are the steps on how to do it:

  1. Upload your WAV file : Import your file from your laptop, Google Drive , Youtube, or Dropbox. Drag your WAV file down to the Timeline at the bottom of the screen. Right-click on it and click on Generate Subtitle .
  2. Select the language of the Audio . Select the transcript language as well as the audio file language.
  3. Choose “Machine generated” or “Human-made” : Some of the tools have this option. Automatic transcription software is faster and 85% accurate. With human service, your transcript will be transcribed and proofread by an expert and native speaker and delivered with 99% accuracy.
  4. Receive your transcript. Automatic transcription software will convert your WAV file to text documents in just a few minutes, depending on the length of your file.
  5. Click on “Export” and download the transcript as the file format you would like such as pdf or txt.

What is Wav?

WAV files are audio files saved in the ‘Waveform Audio File Format,’ a highly standardized digital audio format created by Microsoft and IBM. WAV files are recorded on computers or mobile devices such as iPhones and Android smartphones.

When Should You Use Wav File?

WAV files for TV, radio, DVD, or other media require high-quality audio without compromise. These files are lossless, uncompressed music files with broadcast CD quality. WAV files are also ideal for loops by Flash for web animations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It’s possible to export your WAV transcripts to many text formats as well as subtitle formats, including Plain Text (.txt), Microsoft Word document(.docx), PDF (.pdf), SubRip (.srt), VTT.

It depends on which software program you use; however, it’s possible to convert it into different languages. Most of them support more than 120 languages, dialects, and accents.

Automated transcription is much faster and works well when you need to quickly convert audio into text documents, and you don’t mind proofreading the final transcription. A professional transcriber, on the other hand, could deliver your transcripts with 99% accuracy in 24 hours.

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