Let’s guess. You clicked on this blog post because you wanted to learn how to create a transcript of an audio file without getting lost in details. You are in the right place. After reading this post, you will have all the information you need to create transcripts. So let’s get started.

A transcript of an audio file can be obtained in several ways. You can try to create a transcript by hand, or you can use Transcriptor, the automatic software for transcripts. Our recommendation would be to use the transcriptor in any case. Let’s look at the processes of both options.

Ways to get a transcript of audio files

We have already explained the advantages and disadvantages of manual retrieval of transcripts in more detail. But in short, using an automatic software to retrieve transcripts from audio files is the better way. And what better software to use than Transcriptor! Click here to view the blog post where we explored the possible automated software options for you.

If you look at the steps of the manual and automatic options, you will also see why automatic is the way to go.

An interview recorded into an audio file to be transcribed

Steps to create a transcript of an audio file by hand

Prepare your tools

It is not an easy task to obtain transcripts. It takes time. So you need to be in a comfortable position. It requires effort. Therefore, you should use the best possible tools to make your work easier. These tools include software that makes your work easier with simpler control keys. In addition, there are hardware such as foot pedals that also make it easier for you to pause and play the audio file while writing.

After you have prepared your tools, you need to make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable position. Creating a transcript of a 1 hour audio file takes 5 hours on average. So you don’t want to work in an environment where you suffer from back pain. You need to treat yourself with respect and shape your work environment.

Prepare your shorthand

When you get a transcript from an audio file, you are basically taking notes. You probably took notes in high school and college. So it shouldn’t be a chore for you. A technique often practiced in note-taking is the use of abbreviation symbols for repeated words. This way you can significantly increase the speed of writing a transcript of an audio file. If you find that some words are used repeatedly, you can simply invent symbols that are easier to write down. It doesn’t matter if someone else understands them or not. You can easily change them in the final edit with simple touches.

Someone who has difficulty creating a transcript from an audio file by hand.

Enter what you hear

This is the actual part where you create the transcript. It is very important to do an accurate job, so you must listen carefully to every word. Also, you have to keep stopping and starting the recording because you can’t write as fast as a speaker speaks. Therefore, this is a task that requires a high level of attention and effort. For this reason, manually making a transcript from an audio file is an extremely difficult task compared to a computer.

Make a final edit

As a final touch, you can take one last look at things like punctuation and typos. Of course, if you used shorthand, you’ll need to convert it to actual words. Moreover, even if you have listened through the entire file, you may still have made some mistakes. When people write word-for-word transcripts from an audio file, sometimes they can’t focus on the overall theme and coherence of the sentences. In such cases, it is best to check everything again, of course, without wasting too much time.

Automatic transcription from Transcriptor

When it comes to automated software, your to-do list doesn’t contain many items. To create a transcript from your audio file, you only need to do one or two things. First, you should register with the transcriber to be able to use it. Load your files into the transcriber and get the results in seconds. You do not have to work long hours or suffer long editing sequences. Try Transcriptor for free and see the performance for yourself.