Automatic transcription services

The best automatic transcription services are as accurate as those that do manual transcription. They also cost a lot less money. It takes less time to complete automatic transcription than manual transcription. At the same time, it is possible to transcribe automatically over the internet without installing any programs on your computer with the new developing cloud technologies.

We examined automatic transcription programs.

1. Tranksriptor

Automatic Transcription Services Transkriptor Image

Transkriptor makes your transcription process in 1/2 the time of your recording and with 99% accuracy. It provides automatic transcription services at the lowest price. In addition, it offers free automatic transcription services to its users.

2. Trint

Trint is one of the very good automatic transcription tools, especially for journalists. You can upload audio files and transcribe them via the Trinte website. Trint generates editable interactive transcripts. Trint offers a $ 15 per hour pay-as-you-go service. Moreover, it has a Basic subscription for up to $ 40 per month for uploaded content for up to three hours. Trint has the feature of adding a special dictionary. Unfortunately, Trint is a costly option for those who will often need automatic transcription due to its high price.


Otter bills itself as a “smart note-taking and collaboration app” but also transcribes free up to 10 hours each month. Otter’s automatic transcription services are very accurate and are completely free to automatically transcribe less than 10 hours a month. You can transfer your voice recordings to Otter from another service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. One thing to note: Otter transcribes your voice recording in real time, but you have to wait a bit for the more accurate version. The app’s ability to recognize voices and learn specific terminology can “train”, which means that the overall accuracy of the spoken texts will improve over time. You can use Otter’s service via a mobile application or a website. Otter’s missing point is the number of languages ​​it supports. The application currently supports only the English language and free users can only upload files 3 times.

4. HappyScribe

While HappyScribe’s automatic transcription services are not perfect, it is still one of the useful automatic transcription tools for some niche languages. HappyScribe converts audio and video files to text, then you can export to Word, PDF, TXT, and a number of other formats. Happy Scribe does not limit the size of files users can upload. It completes transcripts usually within minutes. Once these files are ready, you can edit text documents and collaborate in Happy Scribe’s Interactive Editor. One of the more unique features is the “heat map mode”. “Heat map mode” shows where the algorithm is strained and where users might want to compare the audio recording with the finished transcript. Pay-as-you-go pricing starts at $ 12 per hour, and monthly subscriptions start at $ 30 per month for up to three hours. We can say that these prices are above-market prices.

5. Descript

Descript combines both automatic transcription services and human-assisted transcription, Descript has a good level of speed and accuracy. Users can upload the audio files to the Descript platform and write transcripts. Descript rates its accuracy with each file. While most of the automatic transcription is accurate, you can overpay for a human-assisted transcription service that promises 99% accuracy within an average of 24 hours. After you receive transcripts, you can comment and collaborate on documents from Descript’s cloud-based system. Basic plans costing 15 cents per minute.

6. Sonix

AI-powered Sonix’s automatic transcription services provide a simple way to transcribe, edit and search audio files. The feature of the web-based system is its very fast operation. A 30-minute audio file can be written in three to four minutes. While the automatic transcription accuracy rate is low, Sonix has developed its own editing studio where users can polish their transcripts and compare them with audio recordings. Every word typed through Sonix is ​​automatically indexed so Editors can return to specific interviews at any point in the future. Hourly automatic transcription price is $ 10.


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