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How to convert audio files to text?

  1. Sign in or sign up to one of the audio text converter platforms or mobile apps.
  2. Upload your audio and select desired settings.
  3. To start transcribing, simply click the corresponding button.
  4. Once the transcription is complete review and edit the transcript.
  5. Download the text file.

Who converts audio files to text?

No matter what industry you are working in or the subject you are studying at university, there are so many reasons to consider turning your audio file to text. Transkriptor converts speech to text for you.

  • Lawyers: One of the most popular uses of our audio file to text software is for legal services. Court cases result in hours of recordings. In order to find the necessary piece of information, it’s faster to search through a text file. Using an audio file to text software can save legal companies hours of time.
  • Journalists: Journalists are known for recording audio files to report events in the local area. When that’s the case, finding the exact quote or piece of text you are after is a time-consuming task. Journalists use our voice file-to-text tool to write up their articles more timely.
  • Academic Researchers:  Endless hours of recording slow the process of writing papers and reports for academic researchers. It’s almost impossible to search through audio files . Academic researchers prefer to use a text file to conclude their research and find critical quotes from reliable sources.
  • Medical and Healthcare Providers: Medical providers require the information in a patient’s file to be accurate and up-to-date. Converting an audio file to text format improves medical reporting.
  • Market Researchers: When conducting interviews and focus groups, the most popular way to stay engaged with the participants is to record audio of the meeting. It’s better to turn the voice recording into text format to enhance the productivity of researchers.
Nowadays many people turn their audio file to text

Why does the media industry use audio to text?

Podcast Hosts

  • Accessibility: Not everyone can consume media in audio format, which is why Podcast hosts use audio file to text software. This provides them an alternative option for your audience.
  • Searchability: Transcripts in text format enable listeners to search for specific keywords or topics within a podcast. This simplifies their search for relevant information and helps them navigate through lengthy episodes more easily.


  • Efficiency and productivity: Converting audio into text enhances authors’ productivity. Authors can dictate their ideas and thoughts verbally and get transcription. It allows them to capture their ideas without time-consuming typing or writing quickly.
  • Convenience and flexibility: Authors use smartphones to record their thoughts or stories while on the go, such as during walks. It allows them to work on their writing anytime and from anywhere they want. Authors can benefit from converting their work into an audio file -to-text format, which provides them with an additional way to review and revise their writing.


Should Students Use Transcription?

Students can save endless hours of work when they convert an audio file to text. From there, they can study for exams through the most crucial parts of files.

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